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If you want to have a healthy way of living then you will need to follow some simple rules, like doing exercises regularly and eating a number of salutary foods. It is easy to find these kinds of foods and when you get used to eating them you won’t imagine a day without these healthy products. As a plus, they are very delicious. You will not only feel younger but also look younger.

Here it is the list itself:

1. Low fat foods – these are chicken, various kinds of cheese, sea food and tuna.

2. Low-calorie foods – like tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus fruits, mushrooms and white fish.

3. Low carb foods – beans, whole-grain bread, oats and whole-grain pasta.

4. Products that keep the blood sugar levels low – like lentils, mushrooms, salads, berries and low fat foods.

5. Foods that are good for the skin – like still mineral water, olive oil, almonds, avocado and linseed oil.

6. Products that do not allow the organism to store water – like green tea, blueberries, pomegranate juice, celery and orange juice.

7. Low calories snacks – like fresh vegetables and fruits, sugar free dairy products and fruit purees.

8. Products for “breakfast” – like pone, nuts, dried fruit, and fat free dairy products.

9. Foods that will keep your energy high – like nuts, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, and figs.

10. Foods good for sports – these are low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat white cheese, white fish fillet, beans, and yolk.

You can see that some of the foods repeat a few times. That is because they are very good for the human body. Mushrooms, for example, contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet. They improve the function of the immune system, they increase the vitamin D in your organism and help you with weight management.

Olive oil has also a lot of health benefits. It helps decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It helps you heart and decreases the chance of heart decease. It also fight diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

And who would have thought so many health benefits can be found in something that nature created?

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