Elegant and Creative Eyeliner Makeup Look

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With so many different eye makeup looks that change from season to season, mastering the timelessly classic eyeliner effect is always a must! This is why this tutorial will show you how to do it properly, achieving an elegant eyeliner look!

Here is a helpful tip: Do your eye makeup first before applying foundation to the rest of the face. This will allow you to remove any unwanted shadow which may have flaked onto the area underneath your eyes, avoiding a lot of frustration.

Step 1: Before you begin, apply makeup primer with infallible mattifying base to lock the shine in and enhance the final makeup result. Apply just a small amount on your skin, working outwards for a flawless looking texture. Then, apply light pink metallic eyeshadow to the centre of the lid. Hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly blend the shadow across your lid. You may sweep the blending brush back and forth to create a gradual effect. It is very important for the light pink metallic eyeshadow to be blended perfectly.

Step 2: Apply grey pencil along the waterline angling it towards the end of the brow. This will create the elegant eyeliner flick.

Step 3: Grab your black liquid eyeliner and follow the natural lash line, again angling the line towards the end of your brow.

Step 4: Create a double flick by apply another line starting underneath the eyelid and ending where all the other eyeliner lines come together.

Step 5: Apply silver metallic eyeliner all over the eyeliner. For more subtle and natural looking makeup, try to make the line as thin and precise as possible.

Step 6: Add light silver glitter to the waterline, gently blending the colour as you swipe the brush back and forth.

Step 7: Add several coats of your favourite mascara and your elegant and creative eyeliner makeup look is ready!

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