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If you work on a desk you know the struggle of getting annoyed by your hair when it gets in front of your face all the time. It is disturbing, and you can get out of your focusing point only because you have to tuck in your short bangs behind the ear all the time. It can become a huge problem when you have to work on two laptops, to write into schedule by hand, to take many phone calls and to drink coffee and eat snack (for instance, carrots and apples) at the same time. I know the struggle, believe me! That’s why I came up with the idea to tie my hair into a ponytail, but this particular type of hairstyle seems a little bit too casual for the office environment. So, I decided to look up at Pinterest for some ideas. And I wasn’t disappointed – I found the perfect design for a ponytail hairstyle, it is elegant and easy to be prepared at the bathroom of the office. Take a look at the steps:

  • Separate a thick section of hair at the front. You can define this section easily, just place your index fingers behind your ears and move the fingers towards the top of the head, into a straight line, through the hair. Meet them at the top. That’s the dividing part.

  • Tie the back section into a middle-placed ponytail.

  • Now the decoration, you will need several bobby pins in order to secure a stability of the hairstyle. Take a strand from the frontal section and cross it above the hair band.

  • Then, take another strand, from the other side and cross it over the first one.

  • Take a the last section of hair and twist it above and around the ponytail.

  • Secure everything with bobby pins.

  • All done! Now you have an elegant and comfortable hairstyle. Enjoy!elegant pony hairstyle

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