Elegant Smoky Eyes for Any Occasion!

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We know better than anyone that sometimes wearing the same old black smoky eye makeup can be boring, especially if you are in a mood for something wild! When it comes to an elegant and stylish makeup look, there is nothing that can beat the timeless appeal of the bronze shadow finish to your makeup! This soft yet sexy makeup is a must try – it will show you several easy-to-follow tips on eye shadow application and the bronze colour selection!

Here is a helpful tip: Do your eye makeup first before applying foundation to the rest of the face. This will allow you to remove any unwanted shadow which may have flaked onto the area underneath your eyes, avoiding a lot of frustration.

Step 1: To highlight your brow bone, use a soft white or cream colour directly under the eyebrow along the arch.

Step 2: Use a nice eye pencil to fill in your eyelid with black colour all the way to the crease line.

Step 3: A makeup blending brush allows you to properly blend the eyeshadow on your face, giving you a more natural smoky effect. Use it with a transition shade for a sheer wash of colour towards the crease. Then, go over the edges of your shadow so there are no harsh lines or edges created by the pencil.

Step 4: Use a fluffy brush to smooth bronze eyeshadow.

Step 5: Apply the color across your eyelid in a windshield-wiper motion for intense color.

Step 6: Hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions to softly blend the shadow across your lid. You may sweep the blending brush back and forth to create a gradual effect.

Step 7: Use the same brush to outline your lower lash line with dark bronze shadow. Sweep the brush from side to side to distribute and blend the color evenly across your waterline.

Step 8: Grab your black eyeliner and gently draw a thin, delicate line on your upper lash line. For more subtle and natural looking makeup, try to make the line as thin and precise as possible. Create a cat eye effect by drawing the eyeliner out up at the outer corner.


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