European Cities Not in Europe?

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European spirit is special. It is different than the spirit in the cities in the USA or Australia. European cities have something special about them. I don’t know if it is about the architecture, the people, the beautiful colors or the weather, but it is amazing.

Whoever has visited and wandered around Europe either loves it to death or hates it. But you just can’t be in a position where you just don’t care. And I guess that no matter what anyone says, Americans tend to love the vibe of Europe. It is modern in a way, but yet still like an old soul.

And after all that talk about Europe and how the cities look and feel, it turns out that there are some amazing cities caring the most authentic European vibe, that are further from Europe. You wonder how and where?

Melbourne, Australia

This is Australia’s cultural capital. It doesn’t look or feel like any other Australian city and that is its charm. With all that it brings to the table it is often compared to Paris. Well, it cannot be the same of course – the Eiffel is missing, but yet it has that feeling to it. The beautiful cobblestone streets and houses with french windows really do help to think of France. And the padlocked footbridges aren’t missing at all. Since they are a big thing in Paris, in the last couple of years they have been a thing in Melbourne too. It has a tram system – just like in Europe. Beautiful cafes are hidden all around the town and you can’t miss to sip a cup of coffee somewhere and feel relaxed.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Mexico is a great place to visit, but can you ever imagine, going there and feeling like being in Europe? Well, I guess you should see for yourself to believe. Most people think that there is no other city that is resembling so much Europe as Guanajuato. It has a former mining town, perfect retained and historic center., mansions, cobblestone streets. It kind of reminds us of Spain. The streets are so narrow that there are places, where cars cannot pass – just like most Italian or Spanish cities. Perfect for long walks, without a map!

Montreal, Canada

Canada is beautiful and has a lot to offer. The city of Montreal was both France and Britain’s colony at one point or another, so it is kind of normal to have some European influence. The parks that are typical for Europe, especially places like London, are there and you can feel the influence. The same thing applies about town squares and 18th century buildings – with saved and beautiful Renaissance facades. And there is even a church that reminds us a lot of Basilica Notre-Dame.

Boston, MA

Have you ever imagined reading that on a list like ours. But what can we say – what is the truth, is the truth. Boston is kind of the perfect mix between old and new. And they collide so well together that the results are amazing. The European vibe comes with the history, which is projected on the buildings. There is a tower bridge, just like in London. And imagine that between building and atmosphere that as a whole feels like on the old continent. Not to mention that is also has cobblestone streets and small neighborhoods that resemble places like Italian small towns or Chelsea in London.

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