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A single hair decoration can be made in many different ways and techniques. Let’s take as an example the classic hair bow. You know one way, I know another and this girl show another way. It is all about your preferences to choose the most comfortable way for you. Check out this  tutorial and share your opinion with me. How do you find it?

Tie your hair into sleek, high ponytail. 

  • A note: This hairstyle requires long hair, if your hair is not long or you don’t have hair extensions, it won’t work, try another technique for making a hair bow.

So, your hair is brushed, smoothed and tied into a high ponytail. Now take a strand and wrap it around the hair band in order to hide it. It looks way better when the hair band is hidden underneath a small piece of hair.

Then tie the ponytail in another two places – divide the tail into two equal parts and let the end of the tail be longer than the first two sections.

Hide the second hair band with a strand again. But leave the last hair band uncovered.

Now, attach the tail at the back of the head, fold it a little bit. Use several bobby pins in order to secure the tail. You can see that the ponytail at the front look exactly like a bow.

You have two options to deal with the rest of the tail – make two pointy ribbons behind the bow or attach the whole tail to the back with another set of bobby pins, it is up to you.

This gorgeous hairstyle requires a special occasion to be shown, so, put a fancy dress, apply some makeup and have a lot fun with your friends while you look absolutely stunning.

See you soon for more great ideas, designs and tips!


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