Eyeliner Design for Rounder Eyes

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There are different shapes and sizes of eyes. We can’t put the very same makeup design on every eye type if it is not developed for that specific eye shape. For instance, there are different designs for smaller and bigger eyes, because these designs tend to enlarge and shrink the eye according to its needs. For instance, the eyeliner comes in different shapes and styles in order to match these different shapes and sizes of the eyes. Today we will discuss exactly this theme – how to apply eyeliner on certain eye shape. And the shape that we will discuss now is the round eye shape. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you have a doll-like round eyes, which we will enhance with a beautiful eyeliner design:

  • As any other makeup application tutorial, this one will start with one very important step – the preparing one. First, cover the whole lid, including the bottom lid as well, with a primer layer. I recommend you to apply a tinted primer. If you don’t have one, use an oil-free concealer in order to merge the colors of the lids and of the facial complexion.

  • And now, we can start with the application of the black liner.

  • First rule for round eyes – the flick must be pointy, long and thick, pointing to the tail of the eyebrow. Draw it as a natural elongation of the bottom lash line.

  • Then, you have to cover the whole lid with the black liner – from the inner corner of the eye, to the flick. The line must be thinner at the inner half of the lash line and as it goes to the wing, you must thicken it.

  • Then, cover the top waterline with a black pencil so the lashes will look thicker. Any gap will make the whole design look bad.

  • And finally, apply some mascara and cover the bottom waterline with nude-colored pencil.

  • Enjoy!

eyeliner for round eyes

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