Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners

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We all know that it is a little bit hard for the beginners to draw the perfect flick of the cat-eye liner, but it is not impossible if you know the right tricks and hacks to help you achieve the right design. Here are the steps, let’s follow them together one by one:

  • I recommend you to use the trick with the tape strip. It is the greatest one, because it makes it almost impossible to mess up the eyeliner shape.

  • So, cut a tape strip. It must be long a couple of inches.

  • Then, stick the tape strip on the back of the hand. This little trick will remove most of the glue, so it won’t hurt when you apply it and remove it from the under eye area, where the skin is very delicate and fragile.

  • Now, stick the tape strip under the eye, alongside the bottom lash line, as it is an elongation of it.

  • Then, you will need to take a liquid liner and a soft bristle brush. First, draw the flick. Don’t worry about the bottom edge of the flick. The tape will make it straight when you remove it. So it will better if you draw directly on the tape strip.

  • Then draw a line which will connect the end of the flick with the middle of the lash line.

  • Then, trace the whole lash line with the black color.

  • Fill in the gaps and pay extra attention to the area of the lashes roots, because it must be absolutely black, in order to create an effect of thick and beautiful lashes.

  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

  • All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more tricks and ideas for the best looking makeup designs, hairstyles and nail decorations. Have fun!

eyeliner tutorial

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