Face Yoga Stops Aging

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The newest craze when it comes to beauty procedures and secrets that makes all the Hollywood go crazy is neither expensive nor hard to do – on the contrary, it‘s something simple that you can do at home – face yoga! Face yoga does for your face the same thing it does for your body – it helps it relax, stretches it and removes all he stress that we have gone through. Basically, the face yoga will give you a natural lift without using the help of plastic surgeons. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are just some of the celebrities that use the face yoga in their daily lives and they love it!

When you think about it, face yoga, if done correctly and regularly, can change the whole way your face looks because of the effect it has on your skin. You can do it every day, while you watch TV, read a book or ride the bus to work. If you do everything as I am about to show you below, in no time you‘ll throw out all of your anti-aging products and your skin natural looking and wrinkle free!

“The exercise of the facial muscles, especially in the areas where tension is held, such as the jaw, eyebrows and forehead, can eliminate the effect of grimaces that cause wrinkles,” says Anilays Hegel, author of “The Yoga Face: Eliminate wrinkles with best natural lifting.“

“The facial muscles cannot be trained in the gym, so when doing various yoga exercises or applying pressure with the fingers, you help them to be more concise.”

Check out the exact exercises and how to do them!

“Surprise me” promises to reduce wrinkles on the forehead.

Inflate your cheeks and spend a few seconds in this position – this should help to smooth the skin under the eyes.

Pull the temples in the manner which is shown in the picture to stop the appearance of crow’s feet.

This must raise the nasal labial folds.

Stretching the neck and staying in this position prevents the appearance of wrinkles under the chin and neck itself.

“The face of Buddha” helps achieve relaxation and releases the tension held in the muscles.

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