Fake Puffy Braid

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There is a huge trend among the braids this year. They must be large, fluffy and beautiful. This trend gave me a motivation to write about this great tutorial. I will try to explain to you every single step and guide you with tips and hacks to get the best possible look of this hairstyle. Here we go:

  1. The most important thing about this hairstyle is the condition of the hair – it must be wavy, smooth, fluffy and voluminous. That’s why you should spend extra time on preparing the hair for the hairstyle. First, check the roots and if they are greasy, you must do something about it. You have two options for removing the oils from the roots – quick shower or the application of dry shampoo. The shower requires more time than the application of the dry shampoo. Once the roots are in good condition, you must create the volume – use a teasing comb and create the volume with the back-combing technique. Place the hair to the back, no part needed.

  2. Then, take a thick strand from the side of the hair, from the temporal area of the forehead, and cross it over the back of the head and pin it with bobby pins, covered in hair spray for better grip.

  3. Take a strand from the other side of the head and cross it over the first one. Secure with bobby pin again.

  4. Keep up with this routine until you reach the end of the hair, where you must secure the whole masterpiece with a hair clip.

  5. Pull out the strands a little bit in order to make the fake braid look bigger and fluffier.

  6. Spritz the whole hair with hair spray in order to prevent any flying hairs.

  7. All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas and tutorials that will help you achieve these ideas. See you soon!

fake puffy braid

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