Fall and Winter Outfit Ideas in One-Color Only

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Nowadays people are used to wearing specific office outfits when they go to work which often are strict. The main colors of these outfits are dark, like black, grey, blue, and sometimes brown, because they are strict and serious which makes them perfect for any kind of working environment.

And still people do not wear only one-color outfits. Such kind of outfits are considered a bit strange because they lack flexibility. Today we are going to show you that it is possible to wear an outfit in only one color and to rock it. It depends on the items of the outfit and the color as well. Here is what we have prepared for you!

#1 All in brown

Brown is a light color suitable for everyday occasions. And since it is not over-the-top one, you could wear an outfit that is all in brown without looking weird or uncomfortable. You could choose any of the brown hues, light or dark, and they will all work.

For example, you can wear a brown fitted woolen sweater, you could choose a turtleneck one, and you could match it with a pair of fitted brown jeans. Make sure the hues are relatively equal and if you choose one of them to be a darker one, then it is better to be the jeans.

You could match this outfit with a brown fitted blazer, or with a brown coat depending on the weather conditions. As for the accessories, you can choose a small shoulder bag for some everyday occasion, or a briefcase-bag if you will wear this outfit to work. You can add some accessories, like sunglasses, which can also be in brown.

#2 All in white

If there are some colors that look good on any type of skin complexion, they would be black and white. And if you want to wear some outfit that is all in the same color, but you want to go easy on it, then you can start with black or with white. First in our list is white.

You can easily find items that are in white and are suitable for this time of the year. You could wear a classic white shirt, which I am sure most women have in their wardrobes, or you could wear some white sweater if the weather is cold. You can match the top with a classic white pair of pants, or with a pair of jeans. You can wear the outfit with a long white coat which will add elegance and class to the outfit.

When it comes to the accessories, you can wear such in white as well. You could wear a white woolen hat to protect you from the chilly weather. And you can also wear a bag in white to match the overall white color of the outfit.

#3 All in beige

The next outfit is personally my favorite because it is a very elegant one and it is great for working environment. It is all in beige. You can choose somewhat light beige because it will be more gentle and pleasant.

You could wear a pair of pants or jeans in light beige and it will be better if they are fitted. You could match them with some woolen sweater in beige again. You could choose a rather long one that is not too fitted, but of course, it is up to you to decide this.

You can match the outfit with a pair of high heels, again in the same beige color, or you could wear them in a little bit darker beige. The same goes for the coat. You could wear a long beige coat in beige or slightly dark beige. And if you are wondering what kind of jewelries to choose for the outfit, you could stick to golden ones.

#4 Black, black, black

Last, but not least, is the king of all colors, black. It is no accident that it is a main color in a lot of outfits. Black suits every type or skin complexion. That is why if you decide to wear it, it will look good on you.

And if you are worried that you may look like you are going to a funeral dressed up all in black, you can relax. The accessories can make it more interesting and less grieving.

You can wear overalls in black with some golden accessories to compensate for the darkness of the black. You can match it with a long black coat and some high heels.

You could also add some black gloves to make the outfit more useful and even more elegant. And when it comes to the accessories, you should not miss to add everyone’s favorite dark shades. They will be the perfect finishing touch to the outfit.

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