Fall Lipstick Trends to Try out This Season

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There are people who are not much crazy about the autumn even if the season is very beautiful with all its orange-hue colors. Those people who find it difficult to turn their attention to fall after having great summer experience just a month ago may need some help, and distraction, to get into autumn mood. One of the ways women could do it is to focus on all the great fashion and beauty trends that the season has to offer.

Today we are going to pay special attention to some part of the makeup trends that are going to be very popular throughout the season – lipstick trends. Lipstick has the power to draw attention to a woman’s lips and to make them look lusher, fuller, and more attractive. At the same time putting on some lipstick can make a woman feel beautiful and thus improve her mood. So, here is a list with some of the top lipstick trends for fall 2017.

#1 Vampire lips

It will hardly be a surprise for anyone to find out that very dark, especially red, lips are one of the current trends in makeup. Fall and winter trends often offer darker colors both for makeup and fashion and the first of the trends in our list is no exception. Vampire lips are usually very dark red lips, but this season they could be red-brown, which is a very cool fall trend, typical for the season.

A lot of women like wearing black to have vampire lips although this year black is not one of the top lip trends. You can use dark purple as well since purple is another color that is going to be popular this season, but more about it later. If you choose this lip trend to try this season, you could wear itwith lip liner to accentuate your lips better and to make them look even bigger and fuller.

#2 Purple all the way

The next fall lip trend that a lot of women are going to be crazy about is purple lipsticks. And as a matter of fact, a lot of different purple hues, from light to dark will be popular. There are a lot of people who prefer to wear traditional makeup colors, like rose, red, and brown hues on their lips, because this looks more natural. But from time to time, there is nothing wrong with putting on some bold color, like purple in this case.

Purple hues will be a big trend this season maybe because of Halloween and Trick and Treating that comes – a witch can easily wear dark purple lipstick on a night out. And you can choose from the darkest to the lightest purple hues, they are all going to be in fashion this season.

#3 Two-tone lips

The next trend is another that could be considered bold and surely not a usual kind of such – lips in two tones. This means that this season you can wear two tones, or hues, of the same color on your lips and this would be considered totally fashionable.

You can wear a lighter tone on your upper lip, for example, and a darker one on your lower lip. This kind of trend would surely attract one’s attention. When it comes to the colors that you may choose for this kind of trend, it is best to stick to red or purple hues.

#4 Browns are still here

There is probably not a chance to miss having some kind of brown hue in a fall lipstick trends list. Brown is a typical color for the season because of the fallen leafs and the overall brown scenery in the nature. Designers often look for inspiration in the nature and as a result the seasonal colors become a part of one’s beauty or fashion line.

The brown hues that are going to be popular this season are light beige ones, or caramel and orange-browns ones. They match a lot of different kinds of skin complexion and give this finished touch to the fall makeup of a woman. You can be sure that now is the time to revive your love to these colors.

#5 Glossy rose lips

The last trend we included in our list is one which is actually not a new one but continues to be still very popular among the lip trends of the season – glossy pink lips. A couple of years ago matte lipsticks were a top trend and rules the market quite a long time. Then, last year, shiny lip glosses become popular once again and took mattes’ first place.

This season they are still going to be popular. The main color that you need to pay attention to if you want to wear glossy lipstick this year is definitely pink, or red. Even though pink is not a typical color for the season, it does a great job when the overall face makeup is ready. It gives the effect of nude but at the same time shiny and healthy full lips. And that is why it is still a top trend.

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