Fall Pattern For Your Nails

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Which are the Fall colors? Yellow, orange, brown, blue, gold and gray. Always use the nature around you as an inspiration for your look. It is still Fall, I hope that the Winter won’t come any time soon (before December I mean) at my place, so we can use the fall landscape to inspire us for our next nail art project. Here is a tutorial that I found. It is feminine, simple and seasonal. Take a look at the steps:

  • As usual, you have to prepare the nail for the upcoming decoration. Remove the dry cuticles with hand scrub and orange stick. But you should soften them with a petroleum jelly or cuticle oil.

  • Then, file the nails into the proper shape. In fact, this nails art doesn’t require any specific nail art, so you can choose the nail shape that you like the most. For me, the best nail shape is the oval one, because my nails don’t get cracked when they are shaped this way.

  • When the basic steps of the nail preparation are done, you should make one more prep-step – the application of the base.

  • When the base coat is dry, paint the nails with white opaque nail polish. If your white nail polish isn’t opaque, you will have to apply a second layer for a better look.

  • Now, you will need orange, yellow and pink color.

  • Apply the lighter color at the center of the nail, by leaving a gap at the very middle of the nail bed.

  • Then apply the darker colors at the outer corners of the nail bed.

  • Use a thin drawing brush to apply the thin strips of the colors.

  • When every strip is completely dry, you should lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.

  • Done!

fall pattern manicure

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