Fancy Color for Your Dark Circles

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Unfortunately, almost every girl has dark circles under their eyes, which are usually caused by stress, lack of sleep or skin pigmentation. If the reason for the dark circles is known, you should work on it to remove them from your face, because the dark circles will always make you look tired and older than you actually are. But until you remove the problem from deep down, you have to learn how to hide the dark circles for now. If you are a student or a working girl, you must have some appointments connected with presentations in front of people, or simply talking to people. If you are ashamed of your look, you might present your work poorly, which can affect the final result. In order to boot up your self esteem, which might lead to a better performance at school or at work, you have to learn how to apply makeup in order to look the best possible way. It could happen to anybody, so you mustn’t worry about the dark circles. Let me show you how to deal with them. Here are the steps:

  • First, apply the foundation as usual.

  • Then take a bright red lipstick and a brush. Yes, we will hide the dark circles with red lipstick.

  • Apply the red lipstick under the eye and under the brow bone.

  • Now take a concealer or foundation, but I personally prefer the liquid concealer.

  • Cover the red spots with the concealer by using a makeup sponge.

  • Finish your makeup with a lid design, eyeliner and mascara. Or, the eyeliner and mascara will be just enough for a day makeup design.

  • Now you can enjoy the masterpiece you have just created.

Have fun and come back for more great designs, beauty hacks and ideas for your flawless face, hair and nails. See you soon!

fancy color for your dark circles

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