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I know it is still early to think of Santa Claus and all the presents we are going to give and receive, but this does not mean that we have to wait for December to try some fun and cute manicure design in Christmas style. Christmas trees have always been considered a symbol of Christmas and that is why people often in their festive clothes, decorations, and something more. Now you can make a cute Christmas tree manicure in just a couple of easy steps. Here is what you need: scotch tape, blue nail polish, green nail polish, and gold or green glitter.

Step 1
Before starting any kind of manicure, the best thing you can do to prepare your nails for it is to remove your cuticles so that your canvas, your nail plate, becomes bigger, so you will have enough place to paint the decorations. You should also moisturize your hands and nails. All of these preparations will help you have a beautiful and long-lasting manicure. Once you are done with this, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2
Paint all your nails in light blue color. This will be your base of the Christmas tree, so make sure that the color is lighter than the green one you are going to use.

Step 3
Now cut two pieces of scotch tape and place them on your nail so that the empty space which is left looks like a Christmas tree. In other words, it should be in a triangular shape.

Step 4
Now cut a couple more pieces of scotch tape, but this time they should be much thinner. Place them on your “Christmas tree” shape. These lines will be your garlands, so make sure you place them in zig-zag shape.

Step 5
Now apply the dark green nail polish over your nails. Wait for it to get dry and only then move on to the next step.

Step 6
Apply the green or gold glitter on your nails. If you have more colors, you can mix them.

Step 7
When the glitter gets dry, remove all the scotch tape, beginning with the smaller ones. And you are done.



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