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I like makeup designs that create an illusion of bigger looking eyes. These designs require some specific colors and techniques. For instance, you should stick to bright colors, and this doesn’t mean that you can’t use black or any other dark colors. The trick is to apply the colors in the right places.

For instance, you should never apply black color right on the bottom waterline. This will shrink the eye immediately. But, you should apply light color at the middle of the lid. This little effect will bring the light to the center of the lid, which is also a trick for bigger looking eyes.

But now, let me show you a step by step tutorial, that is specially designed for small eyes to make them look bigger. Take a look:

  • Start with a tinted primer. The primer will hold the makeup product right in place all day long. I recommend a tinted one, because it will create a good base for the design. And if the color of the primer is lighter than the lids, the colors of the eye shadows will pop out.

  • Then, take the purple shadow and trace the crease with it. Use a fluffy round brush. Create a V shape at the outer corner of the eye.

  • Blend in.

  • Then take light pearl color – light silver for instance, and apply it at the middle of the lid and cover the inner corner of the eye with the light color too.

  • Enhance the half of the bottom lash line with the purple color.

  • Apply black eyeliner and mascara.

  • Done!

This is, a so-called, intense makeup, which means that you shouldn’t create an intense lips too. Apply skin-like color to the lips. A matte texture is recommended for the lips. Enjoy!

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