Fashion Items that will be a Huge Hit in 2017

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The greatest thing about fashion is that every year there are new things that become popular and this way people can choose from a lot of different options. Of course, one may not like all the fashion trends popular in a certain year, but they can like at least some of them.

And since we are in love with fashion and all the fashion trends, we decided to find out which the top fashion items for 2017 will be. You can check them out and choose the ones that will suit your style and personality the best. Here they are!

#1 Platform shoes

In the summer of 2015 women wore big platform sandals and this year they are coming back. And not only platform sandals, but platform shoes in general. You can wait for the spring and you will see that shoe shops will be full of women’s favorite platform shoes.

And, of course, it is also likely that platform sandals will invade shoe shops in the summer. It is about time that they make their comeback. Besides, shoes that make women taller will remain in fashion for good.

#2 T-shirts with signs on

T-shirts with funny and interesting signs have been popular in the last few years and they will still continue to be this year. Usually teenagers are the ones who wear them the most. One could wear a t-shirt with famous quotes, or simply funny sayings. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to have fun with it and be comfortable while wearing the t-shirt.

#3 Blazers and jackets with shoulder pads

One of the main trend in the 1980s and 1990s was coats with shoulder pads. With the coming of the new century, however, shoulder pads stepped back. And, like every other fashion trend, they are making their comeback. And there is nothing surprising about it.

If you also felt nostalgic about the past, then shoulder pads can help you remember the times. You can add a couple of such pieces in your wardrobe, but be careful not to go to an extreme with some huge shoulder pads.

#4 Trainers

Good news for all the women who do not like wearing high heels. This year they can forget about them and would not have to make the effort to wear such shoes. Instead they could wear much more comfortable ones for every occasion. And these shoes are trainers. People are used to wear them only when they go to the gym or when they go for a run in the park, but this year one can wear them to every kind of events.

There are a lot of trainers with interesting designs. Some have shiny stones and even sequins so one would not think that these shoes are only for sports. And there are even platform trainers which you could wear this year. This way you will even match two of the hottest fashion items at the moment.

#5 Extremely long pants

The next fashion item that you can wear this year is extremely long pants. Usually such kind of pants are not fitted, but on the contrary, they are loose. You can choose ones in different patterns and you could match them with high heels that is if you do not want to trip over them occasionally.

You could wear such loose pants in stipes, or checked if you prefer, and there are even many other interesting designs you could try. The important thing is not to be afraid to experiment with them.

#6 Vintage jeans

Vintage jeans is not the first retro fashion item that will be popular this year. Maybe designers look back to the past with a little bit a sense of nostalgia. And whatever the reason is, you need to know that vintage jeans will be very popular this year. Think back to the jeans with fading colors, the ones with high waist, the long ones, and the ones with wide legs. All of them will be a hit in 2017, so do not hesitate to wear them.

#7 Lace tops

Here is some good news to all the fans of lace. Lace tops will be another of the top fashion items in 2017 which a person needs to have. Some women wear a lace top with a simple white t-shirt under it. This way they look casual and stylish at the same time. You could experiment with other interesting lace tops as well. And as you probably know, lace bras are one of the top lingerie hits are the moment.

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