Fashion Outfit Ideas with Long Dresses to Try This Season

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Dresses and skirts are the ultimate feminine types of clothes but still a lot of women prefer to wear pants or short pants because they are more practical and more comfortable. Another reason why women often choose pants over skirts and dresses is that they keep them warm in the winter season.

There are always two sides on every story, which in this case means that dresses and skirts have both advantages and disadvantages. They may not keep you that warm in the winter, but they will keep you cool in the summer.

Another advantage of skirts and dresses is that they are often perfectly able to hide or accentuate some curves and to make women look more feminine and attractive.

Apart from that if you choose to wear a dress, you would not have to spend a lot of time wondering how to match the separate items of your outfit because it is going to be only one-piece outfit.

To show you that wearing dresses is cool, we have prepared for you a list of outfit ideas with dresses you can try this summer. Check them out!

#1 Boho style

The first outfit idea in our list is a Boho one. Boho style is very suitable for the summer season. It is a very natural one and at the same time very feminine and attractive. For it we have chosen a long white dress made of cotton that is only a little bit loose but with a long straight silhouette.

Another specific thing for this dress, and for a lot of Boho clothes, is that it has some net-like part. You can choose a dress with lace or net-like neckline to make the outfit even more Boho-like.

You can wear this dress with flat sandals and with hand-made accessories, like bracelets and head jewelries. You can also wear your hair loose to add a further touch to the outfit.

#2 Prints, prints

Since prints are almost every season in fashion, of cause, different ones, there is just not way to miss to include such kind of dress in the list. Some of the prints that are in fashion this season are stripes, plaids, floral, and, of course, animal ones. You can generally choose a dress in any of the above mentioned prints. Our suggestion for you is a print with one of pop culture symbols – ice-cream.

Apart from being very delicious, ice-cream can be a perfect finishing touch to an outfit as a picture and shape. You can wear a dress with a black color base and colorful ice-cream pictures on top. The black color will let the ice-cream pictures stand out and at the same time it will make the outfit look very stylish. As for the very shape of the dress itself, you can choose a princess or an a-line dress.

#3 Sporty dress

The next suggestion in our list if for those of you who do not like being girly girls, or who simply prefer to wear sports clothes on a daily basis. The great part about dresses is that there are such ones which are sporty ones and you can wear them with sneakers or trainers.

The type of dress that is a high-waist one and made of some more sporty-like fabric, like cotton. Natural fabrics in general are good for the summer because will keep you cooler and will be able to absorb sweat better. You can also choose a dress with a long slit. As for the colors, you can stick to brown, gray, white, and some other dark hues.

#4 All about the accessories

The next dress in the list is not only special by itself but especially when it is matched with the right accessories. For this outfit we have decided to match a light pink dress with golden accessories. You can choose a chiffon dress with short sleeves and a wrap-like silhouette. Chiffon clothes are suitable for any time of the year, especially for the summer.

You can match this light pink dress with golden high heel sandals and a golden belt. If you can find some more interesting type of belt, like one with the shape of a leaf, you can make this part of the outfit the central piece. This way the dress will become even more interesting and special.

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