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There are a lot of women who are crazy about bags and buy dozens of such every year. And there is nothing wrong with having more bags than one needs since this is a passion of theirs. If you are crazy about bags, then you probably want to find out which this season’s bag trends are.

The good thing about fashion trends is that there are more than a couple of such and people can choose whichever they like and that match their personal style. So, here is a list of some of this fall’s bag trends. Choose the ones you like best.

#1 Statement Straps

When it comes to bag trends, women often think of the size, the color, or the fabric of the bag, but the straps are not the first thought that comes to their mind probably. The straps, however, are an important part of the bag as a whole. If one does not find them comfortable because they are too thin or too short, for example, they could not like the whole bag because of them.

One of this fall’s bag trends is focused on the bag straps to show us that they can be the ones to steal the show sometimes. Statement straps will be popular this season, so you can get some bag with unusual straps. There could be some kind of chain straps, fabric ones, or even fur ones.

If you do not want to buy a new bag, you could wrap some colorful scarf around the straps of some old bag of yours and this way you could have a fashionable bag without spending a lot of money.

#2 Fur Bags

The next trend in our list is about the fabric of the bags. Usually thicker fabrics, like wool for example, are suitable for the cold months of the year while more colorful and thinner ones are a great match for the spring and summer bag types. That is why it is no surprise that fur bags are one of the top bag trends this fall season. The fabric is thick and perfect for the fall and winter.

If you are not into real fur, you can wear faux one instead, of course. The bag will still be trendy and pretty and at the same time it will be cheaper and environment-friendly. If you do not want to wear a bag that has fur all over, then you could match this trend with the first one from out list and wear only fur straps with your bag.

#3 Multiple Bags

The next bag trend this season is quite an interesting one and quite useful at the same time. You have probably seen different bag sets with one big bag, one medium and one small bag as a makeup one, for example. But have you thought that you could wear the all three bags at the same time? Well, this is another one of the current bag trends.

You can wear a big bag and you can attach to it some smaller one and you could then attach to this smaller another bag that is smaller than the second one. There is no need to wear three bags at the same time. You could wear two even if the second bag attached to the big one is so small that you can put only some change in it.

#4 Oversized Bags

The next bag trend this season is personally my favorite one because I love big bags and this season oversized bags are one of the top trends. This is a classic case since oversized bags are suitable for the colder months of the year while bags suitable for spring and summer are lighter and smaller.

If you are also a fan of oversized bags, then this fall season you could wear such ones as much as you want. As for the shape and fabric of the bag, you have the freedom to choose whatever ones you like, or you could match this trend with some of the other ones for the season.

#5 Daily clutches

The next type of bag that will be a hit this season is a daily clutch. Daily clutches are bigger than night clutches and are surely not so shiny. They are often in earth colors to match one’s working environment and often look like suitcases but are smaller.

They are perfect for a day in the office because are classy, stylish, and smart. Another good thing about such kinds of clutches is that one cannot stuff them with a lot of items that they do not actually need, so they will be quite light.

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