Find Out if He is Boyfriend Material Just by Looking at His Style

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There are a lot of ladies who have difficulties finding out if a guy’s intention towards them are serious, or they are just playing with them. There are a lot of red flags that could be raised signaling that a man is not boyfriend material, let alone husband material. Ladies only need to learn how to read the signs.
Today we have prepared a little fashion guide to men’s inner world. In other words, you will learn what type of man you are dealing with only judging at his clothes. Check it out!

#1 Cargo pants
If the men you are dating usually wear cargo pant, then you should know that men who wear such kinds of pants are considered to be cheaters. Cargo pants have a lot of pockets and psychologists make a connection between them and people’s abilities to tell lies and to cheat as a whole. You still need to be careful if you decide to have a relationship with a man who usually wears cargo pants.

#2 Vest
There are some men who often wear vests. This is usually considered to be their signature item. If you know such a guy, then you can be sure he is definitely afraid of commitment. These guys have serious problems when their relationships move forward. That is often why they get scared and run away if the time to live together with their partner comes. And let’s just not mention when the right time to get married comes.

#3 Hats
There are some guys who simply cannot take hats off their heads. They are their signature style. But what does this say about their personality? It turns out that such kind of guys are quite arrogant. Of course, this does not go for all type of hats. Some hats, like beanies and baseball caps, could actually not be a sign of arrogance, but a sign of a good fashion sense.
However, if you meet a guy who cannot stop wearing fedoras, ventair caps, and even cowboy hats (that is if they are not cowboys), then you should step back because this guy is most likely to be the epitome of arrogance. These guys tend to think high of themselves and also tend to have pretty high standards when it comes to choosing a partner for themselves.

#4 Fur Coat
Yes, believe it or not, but there actually are guys who wear fur coats. And some of them even do it during the warm months of the year. Well, only this part of their outfit can show you that these men are no boyfriend material. They may claim that they are doing it only because they have a good fashion sense, but in reality they do not. They do it because they are trying to look like some pimp who can afford driving an expensive car, visit the best clubs in their city, and have rich and important friends. These type of guys are not very likely to treat you like a lady. So, it is better to run away from them as soon as possible.

#5 Wearing glasses on the back of their head
We have all probably seen such guys who prefer to wear their sunglasses not on the place there are designed for, meaning one’s face, but they prefer to wear them on the back of their head. But why do they do this? The only sensible answer is because they think it is cool, or they simply got inspired by some other “cool guy” wearing his sunglasses the same way.
They are also likely to act as some those guys who are trying to impress people around them by trying to be funny, but they only end up looking ridiculous and foolish. Just be careful if you begin dating such type of guys.

#6 Wearing contrasting shirt cuffs
We have all seen men who wear their shirt cuffs rolled up. However, there are some men whose shirt cuffs are in another contrasting color to the color of their shirt. Such kind of men think that they are always right and it is simply a torture if you try to argue with them because they are never going to give up their point of view, not even if they realize that you are right.
They could be mean at times not because they want to offend somebody, but because that is just their way of communicating – hurting other people by mocking them, or joking with them about their tender spot. They simply want to look cool and funny, but they rarely are like that. It is best to stay away from them unless you want to hurt and offended.

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