Find out What some of the Most Common Male Phrases Actually Mean

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Nowadays there is probably not a single woman, who is over 14, that has not had some problem with love relationships. It almost seems that in the past things were much simpler – people got married and stayed with their partner throughout their whole lives.

Things nowadays are so simple that they turn out to be much more complex than before. One dates as many people as they like. They could flirt or even have sex with other people when they are actually in a relationship. It almost seems that relationships have become much immoral.

Today, however, we are not going to talk about this part of love relationships, but we will rather focus on the beautiful lies men often tell women. And this time you are going to find out what the real meaning of their words are. Check them out!

#1 “I do not want a serious relationship right now”

I have heard so many times these words that it is no wonder I am sick and tired of them. At first I thought that these men really did not want to commit, no matter how old they were, 21, 27, or 33, serious relationships for them seemed like a taboo.

This, not surprisingly at all, turned out not to be the case. If a man tells this to a woman, it simply means that she is not the person for him. He would not want a relationship with her, but you can be sure that he would gladly choose to be friends with benefits.

#2 “If I were not in a relationship right now, I would be with you”

Another beautiful lies if you ask me. If a man is in a relationship and promises you that he will break up with his girlfriend, but he does not, it is because he does not want to do it. If he wanted to commit and actually be with you, you can be sure that he would have dumped his current girlfriend and that he would come to you. The reality seems not so pleasant – he just wants to have fun with you without leaving his girlfriend and without any commitment. Just great…

#3 “No, you are not fat”

One of the most common questions women ask men is whether they look fat or not. Men always answer that they do not look fat. Surprisingly enough, this is the truth. And not surprisingly, you would have really known if your partner considered you fat because this way he would have broken up with you.

The sad and unpleasant truth is that the majority of men would really leave their partners if they gained some weight. Men are very superficial and want to be with someone who has the looks of a supermodel.

#4 “Sure, I will fix this for you”

Why to call some technician to come to your place and fix something damaged when you actually have a strong man you can count on? Men surely are very willing to fix whatever there is in your house that needs fixing but they really tend to postpone doing it. And no matter how many times you remind this person they need to fix it, it seems they do not hear you and keep postponing.

The reason for this actually has a reasonable explanation – they are worried that they would fail fixing it. A man’s ego is very fragile in such kind of situations and that is why they seem to postpone it. Since you know this little secret already, you can give your man a gentle encouragement the next time he needs to fix something at home.

#5 “I will call you”

He promises that he will call you, but in the end he does not. What turns out to be the reason for this? Well, he simply is not that much into you. Maybe he needed some time to figure out whether he really likes you. Or he also wants to go on a date with another woman and to see if he is going to like her more.

This sounds quite unpleasant, but unfortunately it is a very common case. A statistics shows that a guy would wait for about 3 days before contacting the girl he was on a date with, that is if he wants to continue seeing her.

#6 “She is just a friend/a colleague”

This is a very common response by your partner about some very attractive lady he has greeted. There is a chance that they have never had any intimacies, but this does not mean that he has not wanted it. In fact, if a man sees a beautiful and hot woman, there is a 99.9% chance that he desires to have sex with her. This is a part of their nature – men are often quite primitive when it comes to sex.

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