Find out What the Best Summer Vacation for You Is Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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It is no secret that summer is the season when people decide to travel and to escape from their daily routine. At this time of the year the weather is the hottest, at least in the northern hemisphere, and people are in a more adventurous and party mood.

And since summer is the season when people travel a lot, today we have prepared for you some ideas for your dream holiday. They are based on your zodiac sign. Check them out!


Aries people are known for being very emotional. They are often very energetic and restless. When they go on some vacation, they would surely not want to stay on the beach all they long. They will quickly get tired of it and then would go somewhere else.

That is why a suitable vacation for them would be a place with a wild night life with a lot of clubs, some theme parks maybe and a lot of other adventurous and exciting things one can do in their spare time.


Taurus people are about luxurious live. If they get the chance, they would buy only expensive items. When they go on vacations, they would choose some expensive hotel in an expensive destination. Dubai is one of the places that would suit their tastes and other destinations, like Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Hong Kong.


Gemini people are not huge fans of extreme vacations. They do not mind going to different places, but they prefer some place near their home because they are not huge fans of traveling.

They are into quiet and peaceful types of vacations and even if they do not leave home, but stay in and watch movies all they long, they will be happy and satisfied.


Cancer people are often very homely. They prefer to spend their vacations with their loved ones, with their family, their partner, or their children if they have any. They prefer to spend their vacations at some cozy cottage in the mountains away from the noisy urban atmosphere. This is the way they can relax best.


Leo people like to party often. They are sometimes described as being very wild and that is why when they choose a travel destination for their vacation, they prefer it to be some summer resort with a lot of outdoor activity. They like beach bars where they could have a drink or two and they jump in the sea to cool down.


Virgo people are very romantic as a whole. Their dream vacation is with their partner no matter where they go. Sometimes Virgo people are so obsessed with having the perfect relationship that they often tend to forget their own needs and dreams.

Some of the destinations that will suit this trait of their personality are Paris, also known as The City of Love, and Italian cities, like Venice and Verona, which are also said to be some of the most romantic ones in the world. But still Virgo people would go to the end of the world with their partner, no matter which this place is.


Libra people like spending their summer vacations at the beach even if they do not stay on the beach all they long. Similarly to Taurus people’s preferences, Libra ones like luxurious lifestyle.

They would gladly spend their mornings sitting on their hotel room balcony overlooking the sea and having some drink. Or they would also sit by the swimming pool sunbathing.


Scorpio people are usually not very silent and calm but when it comes to a vacation that is suitable for them, they would choose a more distant place away from the noisy crowds.

They would not mind even if their vacation is not at the sea, but at some place with not such a warm climate. They would go to the mountains to see some snow, or to some rainy place, like England.


Sagittarius people are said to be very adventurous. This, of course, does not mean that they would climb mount Everest or explore the Amazon jungle. For their summer vacation, they are more likely to take people’s advices and visit places which they are sure they will like since they are often pretentious and picky. They want comfort first.


Capricorn people like hiking and visiting secret destinations that are not visited by many people. They do not mind waking up at dawn and heading to their next adventure. They are interested in history and like visiting such kinds of sights. They like hiking as well and this is one way of spending their dream summer vacation.


Aquarius people are said to be very extravagant and creative. They do not like being like everyone else and they often march under their own drums. When it comes to vacations, they do not the conventional all-inclusive type of vacation with their family, traveling hundreds of miles in a crammed car with luggage.

They prefer to travel light and to go to deserted kind of places, especially deserted beaches. They would not mind spending the whole summer on a deserted island even.


Pisces people love the summer but since they are often workaholics, they cannot afford to go on vacation for a long time. They often even do not go on vacations in the summer but work. If they have to choose where to go for a week in the summer, they could well choose the sea or the mountain. They like hiking despite being not so adventurous.


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