Find out What Your Bikini Top Reveals about You

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Summer is here and we cannot stop going to the beach. This is the best time of the year to enjoy yourself and relax to the max. And what do you need when going to the beach? A swimsuit, of course. And what is to interesting about bikinis. There are all kinds and every year there are different models that are fashionable and they can suit everyone’s taste.

Women choose to wear different bikini types because they have different tastes, of course, but the interesting thing is that their bikinis can actually reveal something about their personalities. If you wear bikinis and not one-piece swimsuit, you can find out what the bikini top reveals about your personality.

#1 Triangular top

If your top is triangular, like the ones which are tied behind one’s neck, then you know how to appreciate the small things in life. You do not want to be rich or famous. You would like to have a family and lead simple life.

However, they often get scared if they feel that someone is pushing them too much. Just like their choice of bikini top which makes them feel comfortable because it does not keep them too much tight, they want to feel free to take their own decisions.

These ladies really enjoy their time at the beach. They will either swim in the sea, play volleyball with friends, or read a good book, and would not try to attract anyone’s attention or flirt with guys. They are the perfect company for your visit to the beach.

#2 Bandeau top

If this is your bikini top, then you really like the sun and want to have the perfect suntan every time you go to the beach. Women who wear bandeau tops are quite fashionable. They wear some of the most fashionable beach outfits and they surely know how to attract attention.

They are stunning and know how to walk and act in the best way so that people can notice them. They would stay on the sand looking for admirers rather than have fun on the beach or swim in the water.

#3 Around the neck

The next top is the one which is around the neck. If you have such one, then you are a strong woman. You know what you want in your life and how to achieve it. You do not have a problem being single, because you are a strong and independent woman. You are used to facing different challenges in your life and dealing with them on your own.

You also care a lot about your friends and you think of them as a part of your family. You go to the beach with them because you like hanging out together. Even if you like having fun with them, you often do not share with them your problems and you prefer to deal with them on your own. Sometimes, however, it is better to seek help from your friends. After all, what are friends for?

#4 Bustier

If there is one coquette on the beach then that is you. You know your curves and how to accentuate them. And more importantly, you know how to use your curves to seduce men. And to be honest, this is why you go to the beach – not because of the sea, the sun, or the good time, but because of flirts and nice looking men with muscular bodies.

One of your favorite activities when you are at the beach is to walk around to make sure people notice you. You simply adore when people complement your looks, and this is normal since you look great.

Some people may think of you as too superficial, but the truth is that you have a big heart and you adore your friends. You would do anything for them (even walk away in the middle of a hot flirt).

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