Find out Which Essential Oil is Suitable for Your Zodiac Sign

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Nowadays spa procedures are very popular because people need to relax and to get rid of stress. Nowadays the outside factors have a lot of influence on a person’s wellbeing that one needs to learn how best to relax.

You can keep a bottle of essential oil at home so you can smell it and create some spa procedures at home when you need to relax. And if you are wondering which essential oil scent to get, then have a look at the type of essential oil which is suitable for your zodiac signs.

Aries – Peppermint

People born under the sign of Aries are very energetic and passionate. They are born leaders and are very competitive. Their environment is often one with a lot of stress factors and that is why they need some essential oil type which will relieve the stress and will help cure headaches, which are also often caused by high levels of stress. That is why peppermint is their essential oil which will help them in dealing of these health problems.

Taurus –Eucalyptus

Taurus people are very determined and reliable. They have great presence any time they come into a room. They are extremely talkative and maybe this is one of the reasons one of their weak sports is their throat.

They also often suffer from a stiff neck and pain in the muscle. When a Taurus is sick, they can use some eucalyptus essential oil to relief the pain in the muscles and to relief their sore throat.

Gemini – Bergamot

People born under the sign of Gemini are extremely inquisitive and very chatty. When they are comfortable, they can speak for days and can be quite nosy. This is probably why they can have nasal problems and some respiratory problems, if they talk too much they can get out of breath easily.

The type of essential oil which is perfect for them is bergamot. It can help with stuffy nose problems and can clear one’s lungs. The scent is also a good remedy for restlessness.

Cancer –Chamomile

Cancer people are very sensitive. They can feel other people’s pain and suffer with them. They also tend to worry for quite minor things and this is one of the reasons they suffer from stomach problems. You have probably noticed that when you are worried, you feel as if your stomach turns into a ball.

The essential oil which will help people born under the sign of Cancer feel less worried and which can also help them with their stomach issues is chamomile. This scent is also good for better digestion.

Leo –Rose oil

People born under this star sign are very powerful. They are magnetic and are born leaders. However, sometimes their bodies cannot cope with the passionate nature of the Leos, especially when it comes to their hearts.

That is why some Leos have heart related problems. The essential oil which is good for relieving them is rose oil. This essential oil is also good for relieving muscle pain in the back.

Virgo –Frankincense Oil

People born under the sign of Virgo are workaholics. They are also perfectionists and want to be best at their jobs. However, they also tend to stress over insignificant things and this effects their nervous system and their happiness. They can often suffer from depression.

That is why the best essential oil for them is frankincense oil which is good to soothing stress and strained nerves. It can also help with one’s digestion system.

Libra –Geranium oil

Libra people are very diplomatic and charismatic. They are sociable and have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. They are people who are thought to be balancing other people’s communication problems.

Some of the health problems which they have are often connected to kidneys, hormones, and lower back pain. Geranium oil can help relieving pain for these issues. It can balance women’s menstrual hormones and it can also help with kidney stones prevention.

Scorpio –Jasmine oil

Scorpio people are very mysterious. They do not always share their problems with the other and prefer to keep them to themselves. At the same time they are loyal and are good at keeping secrets.

When it comes to their health they can often have some genital problems and even reproductive such. The essential oil which can help relieve menstrual pains and menopausal such with female Scorpios is Jasmine oil, which is also good for fighting infections.

Sagittarius –Tea Tree oil

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are very adventurous. They like traveling, especially if it is backpacking. Unfortunately, this kind of physical activity often results in pain in the joints, especially legs and knees. One of the essential oils which can relieve this kind of pain is tea tree oil. It is also anti-inflammatory.

Capricorn –Sandalwood

Capricorns are often workaholics. They do not like going out much and often keep their feelings to themselves. They can often have some skin problems and problems with their teeth when it comes to their health.

The type of essential oil which is good for them is sandalwood because it can help with strengthening one’s bones and teeth and well as improving acne-prone skin.

Aquarius –Neroli

Aquarius people are artistic and individualistic. They can often suffer from bad blood circulation and thus their limbs are often cold. The essential type of oil which is good for Aquarius people is Neroli because it can increase blood circulation which will result in warmer limbs. The essential oil is also good for reducing the appearance of varicose veins.

Pisces –Cedar wood oil

People born under the sign of Pisces are very sensitive. They are also dreamers and spiritual people. Some of the health problems they have are connected to their feet and water retention. That is why they essential oil which is perfect for them is cedar wood oil. It has good anti-fungal properties and it is perfect for getting rid of athlete’s foot.



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