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Every season brings new inspirations not only when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to makeup. In general autumn and winter makeup trends are darker than the spring and summer ones. And this is mainly because of the weather. Warm weather and sunny days stimulate women to wear colorful clothes and to apply more colorful and bright kind of makeup.

Today we are going to share with you which the top makeup trends for this spring are. And before we move on to the makeup trends, we are just going to give you a hint that this season the main focus will be on red lips and bright eyeshadow colors. So, check out the trends!

#1 A lot of rouge

The first of the trends is about red. And there are two main facial parts you need to focus on – the lips and the cheeks. Red rouge was considered a thing of the past. Last year, for example, pink and peachy rouge hues were popular, but not red ones.

Well, this spring red is coming back in the rows of the rouge hues. You can apply it not only on your cheeks but also on your temples and the tips of the eyes.

If you decide to wear this kind of makeup, then you should not forget the shiny red lipstick. It is best to stick to bright red hues with liquid and shiny consistency, and not a matte one. This will be a perfect match to the red rouge.

#2 Colorful eyes

As we mentioned earlier, when spring comes, everything becomes brighter and more colorful. And not surprisingly one of the top trends this spring is all about colorful eye makeup. Forget about the grey smokey eyes and other eyeshadow colors which are dark.

You need to be brighter this year. You can try blue and yellow eye makeup. These two colors are a great combination for the warmer days of the year. And if you match them with a nice black eyeliner, your eye makeup will be perfect.

#3 Glitter lips

We are used to applying glitter only on nails, or in the past on eyes and hair even, but when have we applied glitter on lips? It is definitely not a common makeup trend, but this season you can go ahead and try it because it belongs to the top makeup trends of the season.

Of course, it is not necessary to wear it for everyday occasions, or to choose some lipstick with very shiny and big glitter particles. You can choose more subtle type of lipstick and you can wear it to a club, or a bar. And this way you can be sure that you will make an impression to the male part of the people in the bar.

#4 Luminous skin

The next makeup trend that you can try this season is something that a lot of women want and this is luminous skin. This kind of skin shows not only beauty but also health and youth. And it is not surprising that shiny and bright skin will take one of the top places when it comes to makeup trends.

To make your skin looks shiny and bright, you can use some highlighter. You can apply it on the apples of your cheeks and along your eyes, up to the temples.

There are some women who are not big fans of highlighters and they do not want to wear them. These women can use luminous foundation types instead. Both makeup product will give a nice glow to your skin.

#5 Outlined eyes

This is personally my most favorite makeup trend for this season because I love applying eyeliner on my bottom waterline. In the past couple of years this makeup technique was not part of the trends. Thankfully, it is back.

The makeup trend this season is about outlining one’s whole eye – applying eyeliner on the top lash line and eyeliner, or black eye pencil on one’s bottom waterline. For those who do not want their eyes to appear even smaller, they can apply the eyeliner not on the waterline, but on the bottom lash line.

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