Find out Which the Top Makeup Trends for 2017 Are

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Every year brings new things in every aspect of a person’s life. Every year there is something new and interesting to be thrilled about and isn’t it why people look so eagerly for it? Every year there are new fashion trends as well as new makeup ones.

And since we are simply in love with makeup and all the makeup techniques, we decided to share with you some information about this year’s makeup trends. Check them out and decide whether you will embrace them this year!

#1 Rouge instead of eyeshadows

The first makeup trend could sound a little but unusual to some of you. Why would a person want to wear rouge instead of eyeshadows since there are plenty of eyeshadow colors? This would make easier for you if you have to travel because you would have to bring with you less makeup product. You will simply use your rouge for two part of your makeup.

And if you still want to wear traditional eyeshadows, then use red and pink color hues because these colors will be among the most popular ones. You could match them with bold eyeliner in black, or even in green or blue. This will give you a fresh and fashionable look. You should not be afraid to experiment and try new kinds of makeup.

#2 Eyeliner

One of the permanent makeup trends is eyeliner. It was popular at the time when Cleopatra ruled Egypt and it is still popular nowadays. So, if you love eyeliners, then do not worry, this year you will have the opportunity to wear them in any kinds and be as fashionable as you can be.

Eyeliners look good almost on any eye shape. And if you think that this makeup technique does not suit you, then you may need to try other eyeliner shapes. When it comes to colors, apart from the traditional black, dark purple, dark green, and dark blue will be among the top eyeliner colors this year.

#3 Lip gloss

You probably know that within the last couple of years lip gloss had no place among the makeup trends. However, this year it is making a comeback. It is time to give matte lipsticks a break. After all, one may be tired of having their lips dry. So, if you also are, then get yourself a new lip gloss. Lip glosses make one’s lips look plumper and more attractive.

Lip glosses will be very popular in spring because their shiny colors will match the bright colors of the nature. You could not only choose shiny lip glosses, but also ones with metallic colors. Unfortunately, lip glosses do not last that long so you will have to reapply it for a couple of times during the day.

#4 Bright colors

Another of the makeup trends which will be popular this year is wearing different kinds of bright colors. As we mentioned earlier, wearing rough instead of eyeshadows is one of these bright color ideas, but you could try others as well, like orange and golden.

That is why all the people who like experimenting with makeup will find this trend interesting. You may also try it even if you are not that much of experimenting and wearing bright colors as eyeshadows.

#5 Green eyeshadows

And speaking of bright and colorful eyeshadows, here is the next makeup trend for this year – green eyeshadow. Green is one of the colors that can make brown and hazel eyes pop and it can draw attention to them. It is a color that symbolizes relaxation and peace. You could choose whichever green hue you like the most and you could also wear it as a smoky eye.

#6 Natural look

It is about time to stop the contouring and to turn to a more natural look. There are some women who think that if they do not have at least a centimeter of foundation, concealer, eyeshadows, and so on, on their face, then their makeup is not good.

Of course, having a natural look does not mean not wearing any makeup. You could still put on foundation, but make sure you wear one that matches your skin tone and it is not darker. You could skip applying eyeshadow from time to time, but do not forget to put on mascara. You could also wear nude lipstick or simply lip gloss. And this way, without too much effort, your makeup will be good and fresh.

#7 Long, long lashes

The next makeup trend is also called Twiggy’s lashes. Twiggy is a fashion icon which began her modeling career in the 1960s and changed it completely with her new and interesting look. One of the things she became popular with was her long and thick lashes.

And this year this trend is coming back. Extremely long and curly lashes are going to be a top trend this year. Some experts recommend wearing falsies but one could have such lashes without falsies as well. Curling your lashes and wearing mascara with good quality is one of the things that will help you have Twiggy’s lashes.

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