Find out Which This Year’s Halloween Manicure Trends Are

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When October comes all fans of Halloween start their preparations for the holiday that is taking place on 31st this month. They could either start thinking about the costume they are going to wear for the holiday, or they have started planning where to celebrate it.

And what are we doing? We decided to check which this year’s Halloween manicure trends are so we could wear a couple of different ones before Halloween comes. So, here is a list of this year’s manicure trends that are suitable for Halloween. Try them out!

#1 Coffin nails

The first of the trends is actually quite a creepy one but the traditional Halloween celebrations are after all scary ones. If you are not afraid to have some s bit startling nail art for Halloween, then you could try the coffin nail art. The good thing about them is that they are not only creepy, but that they are also very easy to be done.

What you need to do is to use is a black nail polish and some golden one. First you need to file your nails in the shape called ballerina or coffin. As you can see the name of the very nail shape corresponds to the type of nail art that you want to achieve. It is like an almond shape but with a straight horizontal tip with two pointy angles.

Once the shape of the nails is ready, you need to apply black nail polish all over them and then let it dry. Once this is done you need to get the golden nail polish and to make an inner frame following the shape of the very nail. Do the same with all the nails.

Lastly using the same golden nail polish color, draw a small cross on the nail, inside the inner nail frame. And if you are not good at drawing, you could use nail stickers for the crosses. You could also write RIP on some of the nails. And your Halloween manicure is ready!

#2 Dia de los Muertos nail art

The next nail art trend that is becoming more and more popular lately is inspired by the Mexican holiday which is an equivalent to Halloween – Dia de los Muertos. It is famous for its colorful skulls with flowers. It evokes a mixture of feelings, like sadness, fear, and even festivity despite the darkness of the holiday as a whole.

Since a lot of people know about this holiday and some of them want to visit Mexico to see the celebrations, it is not strange that one of the Halloween nail art trends this year is inspired by Dia de los Muertos. Here is what you need to do to create such kind of manicure.

You will need a few nail polish colors, like white, pink, blue, and some black. You could also use yellow and purple if you want it to be more colorful and true-to-life. First you need to polish your nails in white and let them dry.

Then, using a nail art pen, create two black circles for the eyes of the skull. Then using a toothpick or some very small nail art pen draw small circles right outside the eyes of the skull. They need to be in pink, or some other bright color.

After that you need to draw the nose again using black nail polish. Draw it under the eyes, and thus between them, in the shape of an inverted heart.

Lastly, you need to draw the teeth and the easiest way to do it is to draw a horizontal line of some colorful nail polish under the nose. Then using a toothpick draw a black horizontal line inside the colorful one.

When this is done draw a few small vertical lines crossing the long horizontal black line with equal distance between the. This way you will create a typical sewn mouth for Halloween. You could also draw other similar nail arts to this.

#3 It nail art

Last, but surely not least is probably the most fashionable nail art at the moment. It is the most fashionable now because it is an inspiration from a movie that was released a couple of weeks ago – It. Stephan King’s creepiest novel has a new movie adaptation which people all over the world are crazy about.

If you are a fan of the movie and are not afraid to have something so creepy on your nails, then you really need to consider having some It nail art design. On one of your nails you could draw the clown – white face, red curly hair, red round nose, and one sinister smile. On another of your nails you could draw some balloons on black nail polish background. On another you could write “IT”. These are some suggestions, but you could draw some of the other famous symbols of the story as well.

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