Find out Which Vegetables are Not as Healthy as You Think

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People are used to hearing that if they want to lose weight and to be healthy and strong, they need to eat vegetables. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and are not fattening. Basically, one can think that they can eat as many vegetables they want and not to gain weight and to be perfectly healthy.

However, there are some vegetables which are not as healthy as you may think. They contain some ingredients that are not as healthy as you might think and that is why it is better not to overeat with them. To show you which these not so healthy vegetables are, we have prepared for you a list with them and the reasons why. Check it out!

#1 Peppers

Personally, I do not like peppers at all but this is not the only reason to include it in the list first. They contain solanine and alkaloidwhich are actually not that good for your nervous system and can lead to some nerve disturbances. They can also lead to some convulsions and cramps.

That is why it is better to avoid eating too much peppers and this includes any kind of peppers, especially bell peppers. Another one of peppers’ side effects is that eating too much of this vegetable can lead to bloating. It is better to have it in mind especially if you love peppers a lot.

#2 Peas

The next product in the list is peas. There are some great dishes, like main courses and salads, that can be made with peas but this does not mean you can eat as much peas as you want. Similarly to potatoes and corn, peas contain starch which means that it can lead to bloating if you eat too much of it.

And not only this, but it can also increase the sugar levels in your body and it increases the feeling of hunger which means that it will make you want to eat more. It is also not a good idea to have it with meat because starches and proteins are not a good combination. They will be digested less easily when they are had together.

#3 Celery

A person would think that green vegetables are perfectly fine to be included in any meal a person has because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and hardly any calories. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this is because the situation is exactly like this.

Celeries, in fact, contain a lot of pesticides. A research has shown that a single piece of celery could contain up to 68 pesticides which makes it extremely bad and unhealthy for the human’s organism. That is why it is best to avoid having it, or just scratch it out of your diet completely.

#4 Eggplant

Eggplants are the next vegetable in the list that might look as a perfectly easy way to have a nutritious meal without too much fat, but this is not true, as you can guess probably already.

First of all, eggplants contain alkaloids which may protect them from the pests when they are grown on the fields, but once a person has them, these alkaloids enter their body. The result of having such vegetables could be having digestive problems in the future.

Another reason why it is better to avoid having eggplants is the fact that they contain oxalates. This is a substance that they contain which is not good for people because it plays quite a big role in the kidney stones formation. That is why it is better to think twice before you have them.

#5 Spinach

We all know that spinach is very healthy. It is no coincidence that one cartoon character is known for becoming extremely strong whenever he has a can of spinach. However, as well as many other vegetables, the modern ways of growing spinach include a lot of pesticides.

Researches show that spinach can have up to 50 pesticides. It is needless to say that this is not healthy at all for people. That is why it is better to have bio spinach instead of the ordinary one. It may be more expensive, but the quality and the health benefits that will have will be all worth the money.

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