Find out Whichsome of the Strangest Beauty Trends in 2017Were

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2017 was a great year. It left us some good memories. It put us through some setbacks and problems, but this helped us grow stronger. When it comes to the fashion aspect of the year, there were also some quite memorable ones. Not all of them were quite useful and people will keep doing them throughout the coming year.

But they are worth remembering even if it is only about having a good laugh about them or remembering which trends we should leave in 2017. So here are some of the strangest beauty trends from 2017.

#1 Applying foundation with condom

The first of the strangest beauty trends which were popular in 2017 was applying foundation with condom. A lot of beauty vloggers started using the rubber texture of the condom to apply foundation on. They put their beauty blenders inside the condoms and then they blended foundation on their skin.

Even if they claimed that condoms helped applying foundation better, it still sounds very strange to use exactly this item. After all there are plenty of other alternatives, like silicone beauty blenders, brushes, and most people’s favorite – damp beauty blenders. Let’s just keep using items for the things they are created for.

#2 Using tampons to apply foundation

After the condom beauty blenders, people invented applying foundation with tampons. This is another very strange item used for applying foundation. Maybe if one is traveling and have not brought any beauty blender with them, they can use a tampon to apply foundation on.

I personally think that tampons absorb a big part of the foundation itself and it is not so easy to spread on the skin. It is definitely a strange item used for the purpose. Still you can have it in mind if you accidentally do not have any other item for applying foundation.

#3 Feather eyebrows

The next beauty trend which was quite unusual is connected with brows this time. There have been different kinds of eyebrow trends and shapes throughout the years. Tiny brows were popular, then big ones, and this year a new trends was born – feather brows. It did not last for a long time but it made a huge impression on the people interested in beauty trends.

People started dividing their brows in two parts horizontally, brushing the top one upwards and the bottom one downwards. And this is how feather brows were created. Maybe such brows became so popular because they were quite unusual, but we will see if they are going to become popular in the future.

#4 Highlighter on the whole face

The next beauty trend which became popular this year is highlighter all over one’s face. Highlighter is used to make one’s parts of a face shine and become more outstanding. However, applying highlighter all over one’s face will make the whole of it shine and will look a bit strange and rather suitable for a costume party and not a regular kind of makeup worn on a daily basis. It is best to leave this trend in 2017 and use it only for a strange theme party.

#5 Hairy nails

If there is a trend which appeared in 2017 and it is quite disgusting for me, then this is the hairy nails trend. At one point people started applying fake hair on their nails to make them look like small doll heads.

It is definitely a quite disturbing trend which is rather suitable for Halloween and not for any other time of the year. That is why I personally think that leaving it in the past will be much better for all of us. After all, there could be other strange and disturbing trends invented in 2018.

#6 Glitter butts

The next strange beauty trend which appeared in 2017 is glitter butts. Glitter is one of the things that became popular in 2017 and will continue being such throughout the beginning of 2018 when it comes to fashion. It all probably started when an artist decided to paint models’ butts into colorful glitter.

It was interesting and unusual and it is probably perfect for a photo shoot, but on an average person it will look a bit unusual. Still this trend is definitely not a repulsive one and it could lead to other similar trends in the future. We will wait and see what will the next year bring when it comes to interesting and unusual beauty trends.

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