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There are some women who do not turn special attention to their brows. They just tweeze some of the hairs so that they do not look so bushy, and that is it. But brows are more important than what they think, so they should be treated the way they deserve – specially. To have the perfect brow shape, one should know their own brows and how to treat them properly. Should you use brow scissors to cut down your brows a little or just a pair of tweezers is enough to keep them in shape? Or should you bleach your eyebrows or color them with a brow pencil or shadows? Now you are about to find out the answers to these questions, so prepare to be fully educated on what you should know about the eyebrows.

How to find out your eyebrow type?

There are probably as many eyebrow shapes as there are people on this planet, figuratively speaking, of course. But if the brow types are not exactly the same, at least they will have a lot of similarities. Now we are going to present to you all the different brow types, but before you start reading, look yourself in the mirror and study your brows carefully. Can you find which type of brows are your own just by looking at the sub titles? Let’s begin!

Patchy eyebrows

As their name suggests, patchy eyebrows are the ones that have different hair density. In their base, which is where your brow bone is, beginning somewhere on the level of your tear ducts, these brows are with their full density, while in the front and the back parts of the brows are with different amount of hairs. In the beginning of the brows – the part which starts on the level of your eyes – the hairs are very thin and grow away from one another. The same way is more or less with the end of the brows. Women with such brows often neglect the tips and leave them grow the way they can. What you can do to shape this brows is to tweeze the extra hairs in the tips of your brows and you can also apply some brow pencil to give the front part of the brows some color.

Small forehead eyebrows

Well, here is no mystery what these brows are. If you have small forehead this may mean that there is not enough space for your eyebrows and they continue up to the temples. There could be some symmetry problem, which you can solve fast. You can bleach your brows, which suits women who have lighter hair, or you can make the tips of your brows thinner.

Over-tweezed eyebrows

Do not think that over-tweezed brows are not only these which look like a very thin line with a couple of hairs, and if you accidentally remove one of them, you will be left with a blank spot. There are also another kind of brows that belong to this group. The front part of the brows is not only thicker than the tail of the brows, but the shape changes extremely. From a brow with normal thickness it drastically becomes very thin, completely unsymmetrical to the first part of the brows.

Thick eyebrows

In some past trends thick eyebrows definitely had no place, but nowadays the situation is different. A lot of makeup artists encourage the more natural look of women, thus advising them to have more thickness in their eyebrows. The naturally thick eyebrows should sometimes be given a shape without changing the one that they already have. Above the arch, there are some straight hairs which you could cut down a little with brow scissors. The same goes for the front part of your brows. If it is growing straight, do not tweeze the hairs, but cut them a little instead.

Straight eyebrows

These are the kind of brows that are missing the arch, and are one straight line. These are very special type of brows, and if your natural ones are like this, do not change their shape, but just complement it. This type of brows suit Asian women, because they are matching the shape of their eye, long and almond shaped.

Unruly eyebrows

This type of eyebrows are the ones that have too long hairs. Many women make a mistake to tweeze their brows only, without cutting them. This way, it feels like there is something wrong with them. If you only tweeze them, there is a chance that you make them too thin if you are trying to reduce the amount of hair they have, but you will never be satisfied with the result, because there will be still hairs with long length. That is why you should start using brow scissors and brow comb (or a clean mascara brush) to shape your brows.



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