Find the Best Coat Type for Your Body Shape

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Every season has its fair share in the fashion industry. The change of seasons is a good reason to change the clothes in your wardrobe and wear some fresh and fashionable ideas. But no matter how many different outfits we wear in the winter, the piece of clothing that you wear the most and that people around you see the most is your coat.

That is why it is very important not only to have one that keeps you warm in the winter, but also to match your body type and to suit you. Today we have prepared for you a guide for choosing the best coat for your body type. You will also have the opportunity to find out how to match your coat with your outfit.

#1 Rule – coats for sportswear

The first rule we start with is how to match your style to your coat. If you are into sportswear and you like wearing trainers and tracksuits, then you need to know what kind of coat will look good with it. And such coats are the ones with straight-cut designs. And since sportswear will be very popular this year, one needs to know how to match them with outerwear. If you also wear jeans and pants you also need to wear such coats because this design will match them better.

#2 Rule – feminine style

If you are into feminine styles and you like wearing dresses and skirts, then clothes with such designs will appeal to you. Tight-fitted coats are the ones for you. They look like dresses in general. You could wear them for special occasions with ankle boots, a skirt and pantyhose under it. This does not mean that you could not wear it for everyday occasions as well.

#3 Rule – Hourglass body shape

Women who have hourglass body type are in a way blessed because they can wear whatever they want. They can simply choose clothes that will highlight their curves. And when it comes to coats, you could simply wear tight-fitted ones. You could even add a belt to it to make the coat even more fitted. As for the length knee-length coats are the best choice for you. Such kinds of coat designs will suit your body type perfectly.

#4 Rule – Circle body shape

The next body type in the list is the circle body shape. Women with such body types usually have big bellies and vaguely-defined waistline. Such kinds of body types will look great with long coats that will visually elongate their silhouette. These women should avoid tight-fitted coats on the waist, but they can wear semi-fitted ones, or tight-fitted ones under the breasts that flare up from this point down. V-neck coats are also ones women with such body types should wear.

#5 Rule – Rectangular body shape

The next body shape in our list is the rectangular body shape. Women with such body types usually have their shoulders, waist and hips with the same size. If you have such body type, then you need to create the illusion that you have more curves and that you have a defined waistline. That is why you could wear coats with A-silhouette shape. You could also wear asymmetrical coats and tulip-shape coats, the ones which are like a balloon in the bottom half of it.

#6 Rule – Triangular body type

Women who have triangular body shape have big hip size and smaller bust size. If you have such body type you need to avoid coats with tulip-shape because these ones will make your hips look even bigger. Instead, you need to wear coats with shoulder pads, or simply ones that will give some volume to the upper part of your body, your shoulders in particular. Besides, this way you will not only wear a coat that will suit your body type, but you will also be quite fashionable since this year coats, jackets and blazers with shoulder pads are going to be a big hit.

#7 Rule – Inverted Triangular body type

The next body type in the list is the inverted triangular. As you can probably guess, this body type is exactly the opposite to the triangular body shape – it has broad shoulders and small hips. If you have such body type, then you need to avoid wearing coats with shoulder pads, no matter whether they are going to be popular this year or not, and you need to wear coats that flare up from the waist down.

Hem-flared coats and peplum coats will be the two coat designs that will match your body shape better. This is because they will add some more size to your body from the hips down, they will also take the attention away from your shoulders, and on top of that will add a touch of femininity to your style.

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