Five Hairstyles for dirty hair

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Which woman has not happened to oversleep and wake up with dirty hair and no time for a shower and a hairdryer? The only thing you have left at this point is to come up with a quick and easy hairstyle, which can look good without having to wear a hat. Here are five ways in which to get away from this unpleasant situation.

1. Gather hair in an extravagant ponytail

First, of course, good old ponytail, which often saves us in all situations. Firmly tighten the hair so that there is no volume in the front. Tie it high up and strongly fasten it. You can also make it curly at the end. Spray with hairspray. It is preferable to add a tiara or a scarf to hide dirty roots. Wrap a strand of hair around the base in order to more it look more original.

2. Do not comb your hair from the roots to the tips

The first thing most women do at this point is to comb the hair, hoping that this will bring it a little bit of shape at least. However, this can only worsen the situation. Oily hair starts from the roots. If you comb towards the length, it will distribute all the oils down and overall it will look much dirtier. Use the comb or brush on just the tops so that they are not tangled. If you have bangs, it is better to pick them up with a pin, because if it is over your face, the front sight is not at all pleasant.

3. Make a Marine haircut

Probably you can guess how well your hair looks like after the beach. Although you spent the whole day swimming in the sea and sunbathing in the sun, it stands as beautiful broken sticks as if you’ve just come from the salon. This effect is achievable at home and is particularly effective in cases like this. Mix water and sea salt and spray all your hair with it. Tilt your head down and gently pat dry with a hairdryer. More preferably, use a diffuser. Add interesting hairpin. Who would say that you just got up from sleep?

4. Curl the ends

Dirty hair is perfect for curling and it holds much easier. Tuck the ends and put them in front of with band. Foam hair is also a good solution. Mash all the hair with your fingers and dry. You can leave it to dry alone, too. Except that the foam will give you the volume of dirty and flattened roots, broken locks will look much more glamorous and maintained. And without any effort!

5. Make a casual bun

This performs the function of a bone ponytail. It is the one hairstyle that always manages to get dirty hair, or hair that is hard to manage, out in any unexpected situation. Be careful with the use of the press and hairdryer. The more heat gets on your scalp, the more quickly the greasy hair appears.


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