Floral Outfit Ideas to Try This Fall

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Fall is considered to be a very gloomy season. It can rain a lot and the weather can be very chilly at times but this does not mean that people should wear clothes that match only the dark colors of the season. Of course not. One could still wear some colorful clothes with flower prints even if it is not the season of the flowers, spring. And to show you that you can do this in a lot of ways, we have prepared for you a list of fashion outfit ideas that you can actually try this season.

#1 Oversized sweater and leather pants

The first outfit idea in our list could easily be considered one that is quite casual, because of the sweater, but a little sexy as well, because of the leather pants. You choose some black sweater with flower embroidery on and you could wear it with some white shirt under it during the colder days.

As for the shoes you could choose for the outfit, you could go for some ankle boots in black, or some other, maybe pastel color. There are, of course, a lot of options for this outfit and you could experiment if you like, or you could interpret it in your own way and style.

#2 Floral Boho Style

The next outfit idea which you can actually try this season again may seem as a spring outfit idea but not entirely. Boho style is very ethereal and free and that is why people think of it as a typical spring or summer one. If you like this kind of style, you can be glad to hear that it is suitable for any season, fall especially.

What you can wear this fall is a black dress with a floral print in somewhat vintage style. The dress should be with long sleeves and about a knee length. You can wear it with boots in some dark color, like black. And if the weather gets too cold for the outfit, you could put on some sweater which should not be too long to hide the dress. The result will be layering which is typical for boho style.

#3 Flowers on your bag

We mentioned that all the outfits will have some flower print but we did not specify which part of the outfit. And in this case we are going to focus on the accessories and more specifically, on the bag. It is the accessory with flower print on. You can choose some embroidery of a picture with flowers and birds. You could also choose a bag with a print of flowers, or it could be a whole printed picture of an autumn scenery with fallen leafs in orange and brown hues.

You could match the accessory with a long skirt in somewhat dark color and some shirt in a light color. This way you will achieve some balance between light and dark, or in other words between summer and winter.

#4 Floral blazer

The difference between wearing floral prints in the spring and wearing them in the fall is the overall color combination. The one which a person could wear during the spring should be a lighter kind of such and the other worn in the fall should be a darker version of it. And that is why in most of the outfit ideas in our list, the dominant color, or at least the one used as a background for the flowers, is some dark one, like black.

You can wear your flower print outfit to work as well. You can wear a white shirt with some black pants. They may be high-waist and not-so-fitted ones. You could match them with a pair of ankle boots in some dark color, like black.

And the last and central piece of the outfit is the blazer which in this case will be the piece with the floral print. You can wear a black blazer with floral embroideries. It will be interesting and fresh and surely not one of the typical dull office outfits that a person imagines.

#5 Floral skirt with a leather jacket

The last of our floral-inspired fall ideas is a rather casual one. The main pieces of the outfit are a black pencil skirt with white flowers, a shirt in red or some other warm color, and a leather jacket on top. You can wear it with a pair of ankle boots and some small shoulder bag in black.

As you can see the main part of the outfit, with the floral print is again on dark color, black. This makes it quite suitable for the colder months of the year. The rest of the outfit, the leather, the dark and warm colors, again complement the whole fall idea of the outfit.

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