Food Combinations that Will Help You Lose Weight

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You have probably heard (a 100 times) that if you want to lose weight, you need to avoid particular kind of foods, like sweets and junk food.

However, there are also some food combinations that are not recommended for people who want to lose weight, like meat and potatoes. But there are certain food combinations which can help a person lose weight.

Today we are going to show you these food combinations which will help you lose weight. Check them out!

#1 Eggs and vegetables

If you are hungry and are wondering what kind of delicious, filling and low-fat dish to have, then you definitely should consider having some salad with vegetables and eggs.

This combination is a good one because the ingredients eggs consist of help the faster absorption of the vegetables, and more particularly the absorption of the pigments that give color to the vegetables.

This will help you protect yourself from vision loss. It will also help nourish your skin and, of course, it will serve as a helper for fighting weight gaining. That is why you need to add at least a hard-boiled egg to your salad.

#2 Tuna and ginger

Different kinds of fish are very healthy and people are encouraged to have at least one seafood meal a week. Tuna is a kind of fish that a lot of experts recommend. Ginger is also an ingredient that is very healthy. And when you combine them together, the magic happens.

This is because ginger contains enzymes which speed gastric emptying and tuna contains omega 3 fatty acids which prevent the storage of fats in the abdominal area. This way, when combined, they work even greater together.

#3 Avocado and spinach

The next couple of foods which work better when they are combined together are avocado, or better yet avocado oil, and spinach. You know that they both contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which makes them extremely healthy for people.

Avocado contains potassium and vitamins B and E and not only this but improves cholesterol. Spinach does not contain a lot of calories and when it is served together.

#4 Legumes and corn

There are a lot of people who think that these kinds of foods, especially legumes, are high in calories. Researches actually show that a diet is much more effective is one consumes legumes at least once a week.

And if a person adds to them some corn, the results will be even better because the starch in corn makes it harder for the body to absorb most of the calories and the glucose. That is why it is not only better to consume legumes, but to do it with corn as well.

#5 Red grapes and melon

These are two kinds of fruits that a person would not likely have together. In fact, it is better to eat them together. This is because melon is a natural diuretic and if it is consumed regularly it will prevent the retention of fluids.

Red grapes contain antioxidants which are good for fats accumulation. And when a person consumes these two types of fruits together, they are protected from bloating and swelling.

#6 Chicken and cayenne pepper

There are people who do not like spicy foods and that is why they do not consume regularly cayenne pepper. However, when it is added to certain types of meat, like chicken, it suppresses appetite and stimulates the burning of fats.

Besides, it is very delicious and there is no need to add tons of cayenne pepper to the meat. Chicken is a good choice for meat because it is not high in calories and helps you feel full longer than usual.

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