Frame Your Eyebrows like a Pro

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 Eyebrows are a very important element of our face because as they frame the eyes and give definition to our look. That is why we must follow certain recommendations and depilate them according to the face that we have. In this way, the eyebrows will fulfil their main purpose of facial ornamentation, giving us the ultimate definition that we are so desperately trying to recreate from our favourite celebrities out there. To be honest, we could blame Cara Delevingne for our present eyebrow obsession, but we cannot deny it: thick, abundant eyebrows frame the face and enhance the features as if by magic. In a nutshell, the eyebrows are the frame of your face, keep them perfect with this guide.

Step 1: Clean brows will give you the best results. To make sure your brows look as natural as possible, choose an eyebrow pencil colour that matches your natural roots.

Step 2: Begin to define the brow by outlining with a brow pencil starting a quarter ways and along the bottom of your brow. Finishing powder is a great way to make your brows look fuller. Lightly dust the middle point over your brow and then brush along the tail. Ideally you want the inner part of your brow to be thicker, and then taper to a thinner line as it goes toward your temple. The entire brow shouldn’t have the same darkness all throughout.

Step 3: If you don’t have a lot of hair and want fuller looking brows, continue adding colour until you have your desired look. Take a little makeup or brow brush to diffuse the pencil. The bristles in the brush will break up any clumps of colour that may have happened during application to make the whole brow look naturally yours. For defined brows, take a small flat brush and apply creamy concealer under the brows to tidy up the edges. It is best to set your brows with a brow gel to really lock the hairs in place all day.

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