Fresh and Cool Manicure Ideas for the Beach

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Summer is the season which people usually associate with the beach and the time spent there. This, of course, is absolutely understandable since people like spending their summer vacations on the beach. People in the countries where there are four seasons often cannot wait for the summer to come. This is the season which makes a lot of people happy.

The beach is often the thing that inspire people and their outfits and accessories. Some people even like redecorating their homes for the season. And if you also like the beach and getting into a summer mood because of it, you can try some of these nail art ideas for the season. They are inspired entirely by the beach and its inhabitants. Here are the ideas!

#1 French manicure in blue

The first type of a beach manicure is fairly easy to be made. It is a type of French manicure, but in blue color. It is preferable that the blue you choose is a bit lighter than the normal kind of blue. Or you can also choose a sky blue nail polish color because it will fit perfectly.

When you are ready with the first part of the manicure, you can move on to the second part of the manicure, which is the decorations. To make this manicure even more marine-like, you can add a starfish on each one of your ring fingertips. For it you can use some orange-red color.

Draw the star fish in the shape of a star, but do not forget to add a few white dots on the center of its arms. This way you will make it look even more authentic. And this is the whole manicure. It is not too over-the-top and at the same time is in the beach theme.

#2 Anchor manicure

The next type of manicure has a decoration that is one of the most typical ones for the beach – an anchor. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. In fact, it is even a great way to get yourself in the right summer mood for the beach.

You can start by choosing 3 main colors – dark blue, white and golden glitter. After you apply the base coat on your nails, start by applying white nail polish on your index, middle, and pinky fingernails. Then apply golden glitter nail polish on your thumb and ring fingernails.

Then, when your nails are absolutely dry, you can move on to creating the marine decoration. For it you will need a striped shape for nails. Place it first on your index fingernail and then apply a coat of dark blue nail polish on the nail. When you remove the shape your nail will be in blue and white stripes. Then do the same with your middle fingernail and let the nail polish dry completely.

When you are waiting for this to happen, you can use another manicure nail shape for your thumb and pinky nails – round. If you can draw circles without additional help, then it would be even better, but if you want to be precise, just use nail shapes as well. The circles of the thumb fingernails need to be in white and the circles of the pinky nail in golden glitter. And, of course, make sure the circles of the pinky nail are small ones.

The final thing you need to do is to create the anchor. You need to draw it on your middle fingernail using golden glitter. For this decoration, you can also use the help of some shape nail pattern if you want to be absolutely precise. If you want, you can draw it on your own as well.

And here is how to draw the anchor. Create a cross with the horizontal line a little bit below the point of the vertical one and also make sure it is a very short one. Then draw a circle on the top of the vertical line. Then create a half circle, the middle part of which needs to touch the end of the vertical line. And finally, draw a small arrow heads at the two ends of the half circle. And then the anchor and the manicure are ready.

#3 Beach manicure

The last idea in our list is the ultimate beach one because this way you can create a whole beach on your nails. One of the easiest way to do it is to use a sponge and 4 different nail polish colors – dark blue, light blue, white and golden glitter.

Apply them, in exactly the same sequence on the sponge, or a beauty blender if you use it instead. And then dap the sponge on your nails. After the first nail you will need to reapply nail polishes on the sponge.

And when you finish with all the nails, your beach manicure will be ready. If you want, you can apply some other types of decorations, like starfish, or shells, as well.

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