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Today I will show you an extremely easy way to create a trendy pattern on your nails – the galaxy one. You will need the following colors and tools:

  • Pink, blue, glitter pink and navy blue nail polishes;

  • Base coat;

  • Top coat;

  • Dotting tool;

  • Plastic bag;

  • Nail polish remover;

  • Drawing brush with soft bristles;

  • Nail file.

First, prepare the nails for the manicure by filing them into the oval shape. Then, clean the nails and then, apply the base coat in order to prevent any yellowing of the nails. So, the nails are prepared now, let’s create this gorgeous effect by following these steps one by one:

  1. Apply four thick dots of the needed nail polishes at the middle of the nail bed. They must be touching each other.

  2. Cut a piece from the plastic bag and press it against the dots in order to smudge the dots. They will merge together.

  3. Then, reapply the dots and press again with the plastic piece until the whole nail is covered with the colors.

  4. When the galaxy pattern is ready, you must clean the area around the nails. Use a drawing brush, dipped into nail polish remover in order to clean the cuticles perfectly.

  5. And finally, lock the decoration for long, long time by applying top coat. I found a top coat with gel look by Essence – it is cheap, but it looks amazing, like I have gel manicure. And saves the manicure last longer than usual. I saved my manicure for a month with this top coat and finally I had to paint only the moon areas of the nails, because the nails grew up too long.

It is nice to have beautiful nails, it gives you confidence and boosts up your self esteem. Come back any time soon to find some more great ideas for your nails. Enjoy!

galaxy trendy pattern

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