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I assume that right now you are relaxing on your couch, browsing in your phone or laptop, searching for beauty ideas about your hair. And if you are doing the exact same thing, you’ve came to the right place. Down below you will find a knotted bun, which is a great idea for a summer hairstyle. If you think that you will look good with a bun, you can check out the picture, because it shows a step-by-step tutorial, which is also explained down below. Only 4 steps are needed for this hairstyle. Take a look:

  1. It will be better if the roots are voluminous and clean. If needed, apply dry shampoo to get that look. As an additional trick, you can tease the roots for thicker volume. Remember to use a lot of hair spray so the volume last longer.

  2. Now smooth the top layer of the hair with the comb and gather it at the back into a middle-placed ponytail. Secure the tail with a tight hair band.

  3. Divide the tail in two equal parts. Tease each half-tail and spritz with hair spray. Tie the tails together into a knot.

  4. Use the excessive tails to wrap the knot around. This way you will both secure the bun and hide the hair band.

  5. Finish the look with a little bit more of the hair spray.

This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, because the hair is tied and its length won’t make you feel hot because of the suffocating feeling it brings.

It is also a formal design, which means that you will be able to make this hairstyle for a work day or for an important meeting, such as a job interview. Remember to flatter it with matching earrings and proper makeup according to the situation.

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