Gift Ideas for People Who Love Traveling

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Nowadays it is a bit difficult to decide what kind of present to give to your friends and family since there are a lot of holidays every year for every one of which a person should give their close ones gifts. At some point one simply is out of ideas and searches for some inspiration online.

To help all those people who have to buy presents soon but have no idea what these ones to be, we have prepared for you a list of gift ideas for people who love traveling. If some of the people you are about to give presents to love traveling, you can give them these presents. Here they are!

#1 Scratch-off world map

The top suggestion in our list has become quite popular recently is a scratch-off map. If the person you want to give the present to is passionate about traveling and has visited a lot of places around the world, then they would be thrilled to receive such kind of present where they will have a summary of the places they have been to and the ones they have got left to visit.

They could hang the map somewhere in their bedroom to see every day and to remind them of their goals and dreams. It is definitely a nice present for a person who wants to see the world.

#2 Travel journal

The next present idea in the list is a travel journal. If a person loves traveling and travels a lot, then they definitely need to have a travel journal where they could write down their experience, the places they liked, the places they did not, or the place they intend to visit.

There are a lot of such interesting journals which are divided into sections. The first one could be a list of the things you intend to take on your next journey, then the places you intend to visit there, and lastly you could write down whether you have covered all of them.

Basically, such kind of travel journal can be of a great help to all people who are about to go on a long journey to a place they have never been before. So, you definitely should consider it as one of your next present ideas.

#3 Statement map or globe necklace

The next present idea is personally one of my top favorites since I love statement necklaces. If some of your girlfriends loves traveling a lot, then one of your presents for her could be a necklace with a pendant in the shape of the world map. Or you could give her a necklace with a small pendant in the shape of a globe. You can add to this a nice wish in the same traveling theme.

#4 A cork globe

The next idea is also very clever and sweet at the same time and besides, it will not cost you a lot of money. Your next present to a person who loves traveling could be a cork globe they can place on their desk. The idea of this cork globe is to pin the places they want to visit next.

They could have pins in different colors – red for the countries and places they have already visited, and blue for the ones they want to visit. This kind of souvenir will remind them of you, of their dreams, and of the goals they have already achieved. Pretty cool, right?

#5 A camera

The next present idea is one you could give not only to people who like traveling but also to those who like taking selfies – a camera. One of the top things a traveler should bring on their next journey is a camera.

Since traveling involves visiting new places and capturing the moment, there is nothing wrong with capturing the moment not only in your imagination, but also on a picture. There are a lot of cameras you can choose from, including the ones with instant photos, which are my personal favorite.

#6 Tickets for their dream destination

There are a lot of people who like traveling but cannot afford to since the tickets and the stay there can often be quite expensive. That is why this could be your next present for your friend. If you cannot collect the money yourself, you can ask other people to take part in it.

Some people do not realize it, but there are more important gifts than the tangible ones, like the ones for your soul. And when it comes to traveling, this is surely a gift that could make both the giver and the receiver richer. The giver – for making a person’s dream come true, and the receiver – for having the opportunity to broaden their mind.

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