Gold and Black Cat Eye

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There are days when simple just doesn’t work. We women like diversity and having mani options as much as we love the classics. Although you can never go wrong with something classic like the little black dress, you can never go wrong with something a little bit more unexpected and different, yet simple.

The best thing about make up is the fact that we have non-countable variations and options. It is all about imagination and the right combinations between different make up tools and products.

So instead of going once again back to the black eyeliner and the cat eye, try to switch things up. This is an eyeliner idea which opts for face make up that is more on the nude side and then combined with the gold and black eyeliner you have a masterpiece!

  • Start by applying primer to the lid.

  • Then continue with some golden eyeliner. You need a rich gold color with the right brush, so that it can be applied precisely. Apply the golden eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outside one. You need a thick line and finish it off as a cat eye!

  • With you black kohl pencil draw a very thin line at your upper waterline. Be sure to draw the line as close to the eyelashes as possible.

  • We are continuing with the black eyeliner. B sure to have a thin brush because you have to draw thin lines as certain places. So with the black eyeliner you should outline the golden you have already applied. Just draw thin lines to contour it.

  • Grab some brownish eye shadow. Apply it to the bottom lashline and blend in with the black line of the extension of the cat eye.

  • Apply coat of mascara to both the upper and bottom lashes.

  • Finish off with some white pencil at the bottom waterline.


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