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Make yourself pretty from tips to toes, literally. Make a great nail decoration all by yourself. It’s easy, you will need only a few tools, some spare time and a great mood for creating designs and decorations. Of course, we will help you a little bit. We will run with you at the start, but the finish must be crossed only by you. Let’s start with the tips of the nails and some other time we will move to the next step until we reach the toes.

There are many alternative products to use instead of nail polish for nail decorations. For instance, you can use a decorating, thin foil. Today we will show you a great idea for nail art with this alternative way. And it is golden, because of the nail trends this Fall/Winter 2014 season. Just follow the steps:

Before applying anything to your nails you should prepare them, as a painter prepares his canvas. File and shape the nails and get rid of the cuticles around the nails. This preparing procedure will bring an amazing look of your fingers – they will look strong and healthy – the essence of beautiful nails.

After that work is done, you can continue with the base coat application. Simply apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish or nail strengthener. Let it dry.

Apply a layer of bronze nail polish, and while it is still wet, stick the foil to the nail. Wait a few seconds to harden a little bit and then move to the next finger.

Clean up the mess and finish the whole decoration with a top coat.


You can use different colors of foil and, of course, you can make different designs. For instance, you can apply nail polish only on the tips of the nails and that’s the place where the foil will leave a mark. Unleash your imagination and share your results, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and it will be handy for you. Have fun!

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