Graphic Liner With Liquid Color

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Every girl wants to be pretty, which means that we constantly search for ideas and tricks that will help us to achieve such a look. The most harmless way to enhance your beauty is to use makeup. I’m in a mood for eyeliner today. Let me show you how to do it all by yourself!

In order to create this eyeliner design, you will have to gather a few tools and products around you, and they are:

  • Lid primer;

  • Flat, angled brush;

  • Eyeliner stencil;

  • Brow kit;

  • Mascara.

Prepare the lids for the graphic liner with a tinted primer. I recommend the tinted primer for the moments when the eye is not fully covered with eyeshadow, just like our case right now. The tinted primer will merge the color of the lids, which sometimes is a little bit dark and reddish, with the color of the face. If you achieve even colors, the liner will look better, because the contrast will be bigger.

  1. So, apply the primer first. This is an essential step and you shouldn’t skip it.

  2. Then fill in the brows with color. You have to define beautiful eyebrows in order to match them with the beautiful eyeliner.

  3. Now, place the liner stencil under the eye and draw a winged line on the top lid. Make the line thinner at the beginning, thicker at the middle and thin it away again at the end.

  4. Move the stencil down and draw a line at the bottom lid as well. Don’t connect the wings at the outer corner of the eye, let them be separated, like a dovetail.

  5. Apply nude-colored pencil to the bottom waterline of the eye in order to create an effect of wide open eye.

  6. Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

  7. Done!

Graphic Liner With Liquid Color

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