Great Places to Visit This November

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There are a lot of people who do not like November because there are not that many special holidays during the month. The weather is getting cold, there are a lot of rains, and at the same time Christmas is still more than a month away. Instead of feeling depressed this month and waiting for Christmas and the summer to come, you could fill in your November time with some traveling.

You can actually visit some interesting countries where the weather is nice and warm, you could go to the beach and get some suntan, or you could visit some countries celebrating special holidays in November and you can take part in the celebrations. To inspire you to go traveling this month, we have prepared for you a list of suitable places to visit this November. Check them out!

#1 Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. It is a part of the United States, but at the same time is very exotic, with its own customs and traditions. If you want to visit Hawaii and you wonder when the right time to do it is, then the answer is November.

Surprisingly there are not that many tourists during the month of November and thus it is not that crowded. The weather is still perfect for going to the beach and having a great time on the island. You only need to make sure you visit it before Thanksgiving because it usually gets busy there during this holiday.

Do not miss to try some hula dancing and to buy some cool souvenirs, like t-shirts with coffee or mud stains which were made on purpose, of course. There are also plenty of other great Hawaiian souvenirs you could get from there, including coffee, Hawaiian jewelry, and the famous ukulele.

#2 Jamaica

Another place which attracts many tourists from all over the world is Jamaica. Some people say that it is a piece of paradise with great nature and rich culture. The reasons why this place is best to be visited in November are many, but the most important ones are that there are not that many tourists there during this time of the year and that the weather is perfect for some kind of vacation.

The temperatures at this time of the year are quite high which can allow you to have some great suntan during your vacation. There are plenty of activities to choose from while you are there, including swimming with dolphins, riding horses on the beach, and hiking in the forests to some wonderful waterfalls. The nature in Jamaica is wonderful and it is worth visiting. And if you visit it once, you will want to go there again and again.

#3 Mozambique

The next destination in our list may not be one of the most popular ones, especially compared to the first two in our list, but the country will appeal to you especially if you have some interest in African culture.

The country is located on the east coast of the African continent, near to Madagascar. It is needless to say that at this time of the year there will be not that many tourist, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy your time there without some crowds of people.

You can go on a safari there and you could enjoy the beautiful nature and then you could spend your time at the beach getting some suntan in November taking advantage of the long Indian Ocean coastline and the high temperatures at this time of the year there. How cool is that?

#4 Chile

The next destination in our list is a country in South America, which may not be the most famous one on the continent, but it can offer its visitors plenty of breath-taking views. The country is no other but Chile.

You can visit it in November since the weather is not bad at all and the temperatures at this time of the year vary from 25 to 35 degrees which means that you can actually return from your vacation with some suntan even.

As far as interesting places to see in the country are concerned you can visit plenty of such. You can visit, for example, Atacama Desert which is perfect for star-gazing and romantic road trips. You could also see lamas and flamingos in their natural habitat in the desert.

You can also visit Easter Islands while you are in Chile. They are very famous for the statues found on the island, which actually still remain a mystery and a world attraction.

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