Great Travel Destinations for Your Summer Vacation

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The more time passes, the closer we get to a lot of people’s favorite season – summer. There are already a lot of people who have started planning their summer vacations. It is good to plan in advance in order to choose the best places for you and your travel companions and, of course, to get cheaper tickets. Today we have prepared a list of travel destinations for those of you who have still not decided where to spend their summer vacation this year. Check them out and enjoy the ride!

#1 Singapore

The first thing that pops in my mind when I think of Singapore is the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, things changed since the time presented in the movie and Singapore now is a very modern place. It is no doubt, however, that the place has a rich culture. There are people from different nations that live there.

The place also has a good enough amount of green spaces which means that if you decide to spend some time there on a vacation, you will have 24-hour culture accompanied by nature and stunning beaches. Basically, you can find everything you may search for your summer vacation there.

#2 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The next destination in our list is for those who do not like too hot weather. The weather in Argentina is cool during the summer because at this time of the year the southern hemisphere experiences winter and not summer as the northern one.

The temperatures are not that low, the weather is pleasant and it looks more like spring than winter. You can take the chance to experience the famous Argentinian culture with its tango dances and famous steak houses.

#3 Dublin

There are a lot of people who prefer to visit Dublin, the capital of Ireland, during the spring when the weather is not too hot but still good enough for a vacation. However, the summer weather in Dublin is not too hot so a person can also enjoy their time at this time of the year there.

You will have the opportunity to see a lot of famous landmarks there enjoying the good weather. There will be also not that many people so you will avoid crowds of people visiting Dublin.

#4 Bora Bora

There is just not way not to include such famous summer destination as Bora Bora in the list. It is a place that a lot of people dream about visiting. The nature there is simply breathtaking. There are marvelous beaches with crystal clear water and clean sand. People often think it is paradise when they see the place.

And do not think that the only thing you can do in Bora Bora is sunbathing. You can also go scuba diving and see the stunning coral reef that surrounds the islands. You can also sleep in one of its famous bungalows that are located off-land, in the water.

#5 Sicily, Italy

If you want to visit a place in Europe with stunning beaches and breathtaking views, then you should definitely consider going to Sicily. This Italian island is often described as a piece of heaven by the people who go there. The nature is outlandish and absolutely beautiful. The summer is the best time to catch some sun and to visit the beaches in Italy.

Sicily also has to offer great food. People who visit it do not miss to have some fresh seafood and, of course, the traditional pasta. If you are wondering which is the best time of the summer to visit the island, then you should consider early to middle summer when the temperatures are bearably hot unlike the really high temperatures during late summer.

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