Guide: How to plan a trip to Europe

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Europe is amazing. And it is a place worth going to. Although it is strange when you talk about a whole continent as only one place. But there is no way you could go to Europe and visit just one city or country. Europe is about backpacking trips, train rides, walking, cycling, and driving around with a car. And it is an experience you can’t get anywhere in the world, just because of the people and the fact that the culture here is way more different.

If you are a USA citizen, you have to do some things before you are able to go to Europe. Actually, this is valid for all non-European citizens. But don’t worry. In only a couple of simple steps you can plan and achieve everything you want connected with travel to Europe.

  1. Get a passport

Unfortunately, you have to get a lot of documents in order to travel overseas. And the wait is awful. But you can do it. If you don’t have a passport it will take up to six weeks to have one or if you pay a 60$ fee, you can have it in three weeks. And if you have your passport lying around somewhere, check its due date. This way you won’t be caught with an expired one at the airport.

  1. Do Budget

This probably is one of the toughest things to do. Because we all want to spend a lot on travel and have the most amazing experience in the world. But budgeting is hard and you have to do it, so that you know where to go and for how long. Set, for example, how much you want to spend on hotels, meals and stuff like that. Then calculate all of this add air tickets and make up a full travel budget. That is the only way to do it.

  1. Pick a destination

Once you have your budget you have nothing to worry about. I mean – it is easier to do the rest. If you travel on the lower budget I don’t advise you to go to London, since exchange for pounds is not in your favor at all. Also Paris is an overwhelmingly expensive city, so probably make up another goal. Start with picking the country you want to visit (or multiple if you might). Let’s say you want to go to Italy. Visit websites and browse where is good to go when. In season and off-season, because that all depends on money.

  1. Book a plane ticket

This will probably be the most expensive part of your trip. So start with that, so that you know by how much you are left and so that you can arrive at your destination. Once you know your dates everything else gets easier to do – plan and accommodate. Also, if you book an airfare way in prior you can get great deals.

  1. Book accommodation

Once you have a plane ticket, you would have to have a place to sleep at. If you are going to just one city this should be easier – read on sites like TripAdvisor and Booking reviews about hotels or hostels. Read online which is the best neighborhoods. Rotate all of that around your budget and what do you want to see. And after a while you will get to the right place.

  1. Plan

Of course, nothing follows the plan exquisitely, but having some plan will make everything well easier for you. For example, book a rental car if you would like to use one. By train or bus tickets if you need them. Buy a guide for the place you are going to. Make up your mind what you want to see. And then plan every day – I mean have in mind that you are exploring  a certain place should be on areas. Not go to see one thing on one side of the city today, then go to the other to see something else and on the next day the same thing. This way you will lose too much time and money traveling around the town.

  1. Packing

This is a tough process, especially for women. Don’t leave packing for a Euro trip for the last day. Give yourself at least a week to think about it and start making up the wardrobe. Also, be prepared for any occasions – like weather, sickness, and overlays and stuff like that. You might need to do another shopping and stuff like that. So don’t leave packing for the night before your flight. If you have done it earlier, it won’t be so stressful for you.

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