Hairstyle Trends for This Fall

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Every season is accompanied by its trends. It does not matter whether they are fashion, beauty, or any other type of trends, they become very popular throughout the given season. People are sometimes so obsessed with them that the trends continue being popular through the next season as well, or they make a comeback at the same time the following year.

Today we decided to focus on some of the hairstyle trends that are going to be very popular this season. You will see that we have seen and tried some of them before as well but since they were so popular then and the season is perfect for wearing them, they have made a comeback. So, let’s have a look at some of these current hairstyle trends!

#1 Sleek wet look with some gel

One of my most favorite hairstyles is the sleek wet look one. And if you like it too, you will be glad to hear that this hairstyle will be one of the hot ones this season. The great thing about it is that it is extremely easy to make, it does not take too much time, and at the same time it is very chic, elegant, and perfect for special occasions. And this is not all. You can actually hide your greasy hair this way.

If you want to achieve this look, here is what you need to do. First of all, you need to comb your hair very well. Then make it straight using a flat iron. You can use a hair gel to create the look, or you can actually use some coconut oil and mix it with hair oil to achieve the same, or even better wet hair look.

Start smoothing your hair from your hairline backwards making sure you do not leave any locks of hair popping out. When you are done, you could backcomb your hair a little to add some more volume to your hair. And basically after that your hairstyle will be done. Easy and fast.

#2 Pasta braids

You have probably noticed that a lot of women already started wearing their hair in a lot of small braids. This trend, like the one before it, is not a new one but it has been revived and a lot of women are crazy about it already.

The current pasta braid trend includes very long braids which is one of the reasons women decide to go for extensions and not to stick only to their own hair for the hairstyle. If you decide to have such kind of hair, I would personally recommend you to let a professional hairdresser do this for you and not to experiment on your own.

#3 Low ponytail

The next hairstyle which is part of the current fall trends is quite an easy one which you could do on your own – a low ponytail. Unlike the previous season ponytail trend, the high one, this season women will be going for the opposite of it, the low ponytail.

And in fact, not only low ponytails are part of the current hairstyle trends. Low braids are as well. They are similar to the ponytails, one just have to braid their hair and not only tie it up.

What you need to do to achieve this look is to tie your hair with an elastic band on the level of your neck. Instead of the elastic band, you can use a barrette to hold your hair together.

It will take you probably less than a minute to achieve the look, but if you have any bumps of hair on your head and especially the crown, you need to smooth them out with a comb, or your palms.

#4 Add some accessories

Another favorite hairstyle of mine is the one which includes different kinds of accessories. It could be some diadem, a bow, or a hairband. They could make the hairstyle perfect. And guess what, one of the hairstyle trends this season is all about the accessories.

You could add a bow in your hairstyle to make it complete and to make it look girly and feminine. The bow could be a long headband, going around your head finishing in the shape of a cute bow on your left or right side of the head. Or it could be just a hairclip.

If you are not into bows, you could wear some diadem or headbands instead. They could be ones with shiny stones or sequins to make the hairstyle even more glamorous.

#5 Colorful hair locks

The last hair trend in our list is actually the most colorful and fun one. If you have been thinking about some hair color change this season, you could go for this hairstyle – colorful locks of hair. You could go for any wild colors you can think of, like blue, green, purple, or even pink. If your hair color is a dark one, this hairstyle will look great on you.


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