Half-up Pinned Braid Hair Tutorial for Shorter Hair

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A half up, half down hairstyle is great for spring and autumn, especially when paired with loose waves, and braided details. It looks so feminine, effortless, yet adds something special to your overall look. The half-up pinned braid is currently a hit, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to do, and makes quite the statement.

Start with your hair nicely brushed to remove any knots or tangles. If you want to add some curls to your hair before that, take a 1″ curling iron and start curling the ends. Wrap a relatively large part of your hair around the barrel of the curling wand. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the curl. Before moving on to the next section, pin the curl in place, so it will set the curl. Setting the curl will make it last longer. Repeat the process with the next section of your hair. When you finish curling the ends, remove all the clips and proceed to the steps below.

Step 1: Begin by sectioning half of your hair from the crown up and pin it with bobby pins in an X with the ridged side facing down. Always refer to the pictures in this tutorial for clear guidance to make sure you make the most out of the steps.

Step 2: Grab about an inch of your hair above your ear, bring it back and start braiding it into the traditional three-strand braid. Try not to make the braid too tight as you go.

Step 3: Now, gently pull this braid apart for a fuller look by grabbing the edges of the braid and carefully rearranging them for a messier effect.

Step 4: Now take this braided section and pin it around your head over top of the other pins. If needed, slide as many bobby pins as you think will hold your braid in place without falling apart. Also, make sure you pin the end of the braid underneath your hair so the effect won’t be visible or too obvious. This little trick will take your game to the next level! That’s it! Your new amazing look is ready.

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