Have You Been Washing Your Face the Wrong Way?

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Our face is what represents us. And although it is all the time out in the heat or the cold it is the part of our body that our skin is most sensitive on. And this means that we should take special care about this sensitive organ – the skin. In order to have a beautiful glowing skin that reflects our health and how happy and beautiful we are we should think about the ways we treat it.

Many people know and feel like the most important thing for a beautiful and healthy skin is using the right products. And that is correct. But the main thing about being good to our face is the way we wash it. You might be surprised but it turns out that most women don’t really know how to wash their faces. And I am not even starting to talk about men. In their case, at least most of them don’t wear make up, so it is easier and less harmful.

Although most of us wash out faces every single day and we must be masters in this exercise, we actually are nothing close to it. I guess you are already wandering what is the right way and what is the wrong one. You should follow down the upcoming steps and judge by them if you are washing your face the right way.

  1. Start by removing all of your make up

    Before you remove it you should have found the product to do it with. I usually prefer very chemical-free make up removers. One of the best things out there is the micellar water. It is pure and very gentle to the face.

    So you take your favorite make up remover and take off all of your make up. Be gentle to the eyes – if you have make up there us a remover that is eye proof. Once you have thoroughly removed all of you make up and have dried your face you can go on.

  2. Put cleanser on your dry face

    Now that your face is clear of any product it is time for the cleanser. There are quite so many cleansers that you can choose from. Sometimes it is all overwhelming. But there are a few main things – the type of your skin (oily, mixed or dried out) and then it is all about the preference – there are cleansers that smell, have too much foam or no foam and stuff like that. You should just try a few until you find the right one for you.

    So put some cleanser on your hand. Then rub hand in hand and transfer that to the dry face. Be gentle, because when the skin is dry and not yet hydrated it is way more sensitive then in any other case. When you have enough product on your hands spread it evenly on your face by using circular motion.

  3. Wash your face with cold water

    After you are done with massaging your face with the cleanser you should remove the product. Many people prefer washing it off with hot water, but that is a mistake. You need very cold water. This will smooth your face and make you feel fresher and look more healthy and naturally glowing.

    After this it is not the best idea to rub a towel in your face, not even a tissue. Forget about pat drying too. This might irritate your skin and at the end of the day it is what we are trying to avoid. Air drying your face is kind of the same as air drying your hair. It is good and it doesn’t cause any harm. Although the first times you stay there with your face all wet and drops falling down your neck you might hate it once you see the results of that all you won’t be mad at it anymore.

    So air dry your face for about a minute and then continue with the last step of the routine.

  4. Apply the right moisturizer for your face

    This is probably one of the most important steps of them all. Although you might be fooling yourself that the most important is the washing with the water or the make up removing, this is as important. Once you start skipping any of those steps you will notice how your face changes. And you don’t want that.

    Finding the right moisturizer is challenging, but not impossible. It is all again about the type of skin you have. And if you are not sure you can always ask the consultants at a pharmacy or a store like Sephora. If you have problems with your skin consult with your dermatologist. Other than that it is good to know that the best option is to have a summer and a winter moisturizer, because the moist on your skin is different depending on the seasons.

    So apply thoroughly moisturizer to your face and enjoy the softness and freshness that you will experience.


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