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It is every girl’s dream to look put together, fresh and stylish without having to spend too much time and effort. Besides, some of us are just not that good at applying winged eyeliner or ironing our clothes, so we do not look as flawless as others. However, what we forget is that most girls that look perfect often actually have just learned their lessons and know all these little smart tricks that can help you out when you are in a hurry or you want to preserve your look. Take a look at a few cool hacks and try to use them next time when you are having a tough time!

  • How to keep lipstick away from your teeth: We all love the way that lipstick can change our whole look. It makes your face more alive, bringing sexappeal and femininity to your appearance. However, it is so embarrassing to look at yourself in the mirror and realize how you have had red or pink stains all over your teeth for hours. Instead of constantly licking your teeth (it looks weird!) or blotting lipstick on a napkin, just carefully wipe the “dangerous areas” by sticking your finger in your mouth and pulling it out right after you have applied the lipstick.
  • How to make your perfume last all day long: Sometimes even expensive fragrances can disappoint us in their duration of lasting. That is why we have discovered a little trick to help us out: swipe a small amount of moisturizer on the places where you will be applying the perfume, then spray the chosen aroma over them. We have heard that Vaseline is quite effective!
  • How to get rid of deodorant stains: Have you ever put on a shirt or sweater in the hurry early morning and end up having deodorant stains all over? Well, you can use dryer sheets to remove them efficiently! We the dryer sheet and put it over the stain. It needs to be we since a white film might develop on the shirt and it can get even worse!
  • How to iron collars: Collars are maybe the trickiest part of your clothes to iron. If you are having trouble using a traditional iron and you never seem to achieve success, it is time to try something new! Just take your hair straightener and use it to create straight creases on the collar of your shirt or dress. Be careful and do not hold the heated straightener too long to prevent any damage to your clothes!
  • How to hang your sweater: You may think there should be nothing special about hanging your sweater, but have you ever thought about the fact that the shoulder area or the neck parts might be stretching too much, for instance? Simply fold the sweater around the hanger and do not drape it over the top. That is a lot better for the “health” of your sweater!!

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