Heavy Makeup With Delicate Detail

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Some occasions require special makeup designs for our faces, hairstyles and nails. Today, I will put the focus on the party makeup designs. I’m not talking about clown faces, I’m talking about contouring and highlighting makeup and heavy lid makeup that will make your face look fancy, just like the TV stars you like so much. Let me show you how to go through every single step of this gorgeous makeup, which will surprise you with its delicacy. Take a look at the steps:

  • First, such a heavy lid makeup requires a good base, which happen to be the contouring and highlighting technique. Apply it as usual: moisturizer, primer, BB cream, dark foundation, light foundation, blend in, setting power.

  • Once the base is set, you can apply the eye design.

  • Start with a tinted primer as usual. Remember that the tinted primer must be oil-free in order to secure a good canvas for the upcoming eyeshadows.

  • Then, line the shape of the makeup. Start with a flick and then draw a curved line above the crease – far away the crease.

  • Fill in the “angle” with black color.

  • Smudge the edges of the created shape.

  • Fill in the whole area in that shape with dark brown, brown and dark beige eyeshadows. Use a blending brush to merge the colors a little bit.

  • Then, apply a flawless liner alongside the lash line. Make two flicks – one at the inner corner of the eye and one at the outer one.

  • Then, line the bottom lash line and extend it into a another flick, under the thick one. That’s the delicate effect of the makeup that I mentioned earlier.

  • Smudge the bottom lash line with a flat, round brush.

  • Finish the look with faux eyelashes and fill in the eyebrows.

  • Done!


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